Is Jinger Duggar, age 21, won't be getting married!! Plans to leave the family with sibling Jana Duggar

July 20, 2015
First Published On: July 20, 2015
by HitBerry

Amidst the rumors about Jana Duggar and Jinger Duggar's plans for their weddings, it has been revealed that the siblings from TLC’s television reality show “19 kids and Counting” are not in favor of tying knots so soon.

In fact, Jana Duggar, aged 25 and Jinger 21, both have plans to leave their family and remove the tag of Duggar from their names.  

The hugely religious family of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar consists of 19 children which includes their nine girls and ten boys, all of whose names begin with the letter "J". During the long running show, three of the children were married, the most recent one being 22 years old Jessa’s wedding with Ben Seewald.

Now that their sister is happily married to her husband and even accepting their first child together, the fans of the show are expecting to see either Jana or Jinger getting courted. But, the sad part is they don’t have any intention of escaping their family via marriage.  

The show “19 Kids and Counting” was cancelled in 2015 following Duggar family’s elder son Josh’s confession that he molested five girls including one of his sisters at the age of 14. Despite the cancellation and several controversies regarding their anti-LGBT comments and over strict family upbringing, the Duggar sisters have been one of the most loved reality stars of all time.

So the viewers have long been wondering what Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s adult daughters Jana and Jinger’s future plans include.

As per various media reports, Jana, one of the most beautiful sisters has been approached by number of men but had reportedly turned down two potential suitors. And talking about Jinger, the photography fanatic is more interested in pursuing her dream of living in a big city, may be New York.

Growing up in strict Christian background is not easy in a country like America. Despite growing up in the USA, the girls have been brought up in such a way that, they are not allowed to leave their family until their wedding. All the Duggar children were home-schooled and dreaming of going to college for further study would be a fruitless pursuit. Being raised in Duggar family, the girls have to remain virgin until their nuptials and are allowed to kiss or hold hands only after the marriage. 

Jinger, who was allegedly sexually abused by her own brother Josh, wanted to leave the house and fly off to New York. Rumors have it that the young Duggar was not comfortable living together with her culprit brother. Jinger who admitted that she was hit hard by her sister cum best friend Jessa’s wedding, explained in her book 'Growing up Duggar', which she co-wrote with her other 3 siblings. that she did not wanted to face her brother Josh after whatever happened.

The music loving Jinger also said that it was really very difficult for her let go of her favorite sister. Plus the news of Jessa’s pregnancy shocked her. She is currently 6 months pregnant with her first child.

Jinger Nicole Duggar is 6th child and 4th daughter of the Duggar couple. She is a devout Christian and attends church every Sunday with her family. She loves photography and also plays Piano. The beautiful Duggar does not own any account on Twitter and Instagram.

We wish this hot Duggar sister all the best if she is planning to leave her family soon along with her elder sister Jana and venture out in the big town with TV shows of their own.