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Is Jessica Tyler dating anyone? Who is her boyfriend?

April 10, 2016
First published on:April 10, 2016
by HitBerry

Jessica Tyler’s fan would be delighted to know that recently Tyler might be dating a handsome guy. There is enormous perplexity about the matter whether the guy is her boyfriend or not. Just two days before on her official Instagram page, Tyler has posted a selfie hugging a handsome guy with the caption of monkey icon.

Young and hot Tyler has been keeping her personal matter confidential. But it seems she is soon going to reveal about the mysterious guy in her Instagram picture. It is just the beginning, later she might be posting other pictures too. Everybody is thrilled to know about the affair of Tyler and that guy.

22 years old Tyler was previously rumored of dating Luke Bilyk in 2010 after they met on the set of a show. They are no longer together. But Tyler is not married yet and does not have a husband.

Still Tyler might be in search of her dream boy and who knows her dream boy may be that same guy seen posing with her in the Instagram picture. Many exhilarating ears are waiting for Tyler to reveal the reality.

Tyler is of short height of 5 feet 2 inches but height does not matter the acting. Her effortless acting has engrossed the audiences and won the heart.

Toronto-born Jessica is an actress and singer. She is on the top of her guitar playing skills and is a singer and songwriter too. Along with the dreams to be a successful actress, she is doing hard works to launch herself as a better musician.

Tyler’s older sister Courtney is also a singer so, she seems to be influenced by her sister to get into the music field.

Tyler is a multi-dimensional brilliant girl who is also a gymnast and dancer. She loves entertaining people with her talent. Beside all these, she even works as a waitress and bartender at the Real Sports Bar & Grill. She is a young independent girl flexible in a different field and does not hesitate to work. She is a living and leading example for the young ladies out there.

As a singer Tyler has done many concerts with Backstreet Boys and Kings of Leon. She has written the song Mr. Perfect. She has also appeared in music video Just a Girl.

Canadian actress Tyler was in the series Degrassi for 6 years. She has not appeared on other TV shows much than Degrassi.

Tyler might be planning to work in the movies in future. The girl who is working on the tight schedule and is struggling hard already at her young age might be in a path of beautiful future.

Tyler’s net worth is not provided officially yet.