Is Jerry Johnston still Single or Married? Know in Detail about his Married Life and Children

February 1, 2018
First Published On: February 1, 2018
by Sam Smith

It is a normal thing for people to get interested in the lives of the real-time Hollywood stars and TV hosts, but nowadays book writers and filmmakers are in the hype. Likewise, people are now keen to know about Jerry Johnston's current relationship status and whether he is married or still dating.


Today, we will be talking about the private life of Jerry Johnston. People are surfing around to know if the book author and evangelical Christian pastor is in relation or already tied the knot. Scroll down to know about the personal love life of Jerry Johnston.

Relationship Status of Jerry Johnston

To break the ice, Jerry Johnston is a happily married person. The filmmaker is married to the love of his life, Christie Jo Huf Johnston. So how much do you know about their relationship?

[ CAPTION: Jerry and Christie Day Tour at Normandy Beaches ]

Christie and Jerry got married in 1979, and since then, the couple is living their life with all the fun they can get. Although Jerry and Christie’s love life is not known to the public, it seems that the couple is still in a romantic phase as we can see pictures of them in their Instagram posts.

As seen from most of Jerry and Christie's Instagram posts, it can be said that the couple is living a happy life together. With no rumors and controversies regarding any extramarital affairs, the couple is an example to many young lover out there. They are still in love, and that is all that matters.

Jerry and Christie Johnston’s Children

Together, Jerry and Christie Johnston have three children in their long married life of 39 years. The three children include two daughters, Danielle and Jenilee Johnston and a son Jeremiah Johnston.

Jerry’s son Jeremiah has a Ph.D. certificate from the Middlesex University, London/Oxford, England. All of Jerry’s children are married and is living a blissful married life. Now, the couple is a happy grandparent to 5 grandchildren, out of which one is a triplet.

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For now, we can say that Jerry Johnston is living a happily married life with Christie Johnston.