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Is Jennifer Lynch dating anyone? What does she look for in a boyfriend?

March 16, 2016
First published on:March 16, 2016
by HitBerry

Jennifer Lynch is the daughter of David Lynch, a magnificent director in his own right. Having such a gifted father, Jennifer was interested in his job as a director and pursued to become one herself.

In one of her interviews, Jennifer Lynch had stated that she is a single mother. She has a daughter Sydney Row Lynch, born on 1995. Her father is revealed to be Andrew Peterson. She was never divorce or married to anyone prior or after that. Jennifer does not have any children besides Sydney.

Currently, Jennifer Lynch seems to be single as she is not affiliated with any person. She is a secretive person who tends to keep most of her personal life to herself. Hardly revealing anything about her private life, she has not yet revealed any of her dating records. There are no such data of her dating anyone on the internet.

Although she is assumed to have dated few guys, without any proof, that can be just stated as a rumor. When asked about such, Jennifer hardly comments or shrugs off the question. None of her boyfriend have been revealed which may suggest that Andrew was the first and last person she dated but that’s highly unlikely. If there are any information about her and her husband, it is fake as she has not been married yet.

On the contrary to other stars, Jennifer Lynch is an infamous director widely known for her movie Boxing Helena (1993) starring Sherilyn Fenn and Julian Sands, both of whom are close friends to Jennifer. Despite the movie receiving widely negative review by critics and as well as viewers being nearly panned in the process, Jennifer does not seem to think of it any shame. Rather she took as an experience. She was even awarded a Razzie award for the ‘Worst Director’ for this movie.

Jennifer has also won Best director for a horror movie in 2008, being the first female to win that award. In spite of not having any widely recognized movies to her name, she has been able to make a name for herself because of her devotion to her work. She is praised by the people she works with, who describe her as passionate and serious in her work. She has a good relation with her co-workers and is grateful to them.

Jennifer is also the writer of The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer, a spin off novel for the television series Twin Peaks. This novel was praised by critics and even landed as number four on New York Times best seller fiction list. Although she has met some failure, she is a dedicated director much like her father. She is a recognized director liked by her co-worker for her unyielding effort. Jennifer has also appeared on various television series and even on reality TV shows as herself

Her net worth has not yet been revealed but is estimated to be in millions of dollars.