Is Jay Alvarrez Single or Married? Know his Affairs and Relationship

HitBerryPublished on   10 Oct, 2017Updated on   30 Apr, 2021

What would you do if your ex-humiliates for the size of your manhood? But when they took to the social media to mock you, it will be a living hell for you. Model Jay Alvarez, in recent months, got humiliated by his ex.

After the breakup, there are rumors that Jay is seeing with another girl. So is this gossips true? Is he single? Let's find out.

Jay Alvarez dates in 2017

Mostly famous for his Instagram posts, Jay is a model. You might know him from his youtube channel where he shares videos of traveling around the world. With 2M followers on youtube, Jay prefers to step on the spotlight.

Jay previously was linked with an Instagram model Alexis Ren. But in 2017, they Jay decide to split up. So after ending the relationship with Alexis, is he seeing any women.

Jay Alvarez, source: Pinterest

However, none of them have opened on the real reason behind their splits.

Jay Alvarez and Alexis Ryan, source: Pinterest

Unlikely other celebrities who quickly moves on another relationship after the breakup, Jay somehow managed to remain single.

There are no such rumors of him dating any mystery in recent days.

If we take a quick look at Alvarez's Instagram, Jay seems to be enjoying his single life. Looking at his posts, Jay is currently on the project. Jay frequently shares memorable moments with his fans.

You might see him getting cozy with another model, but they are just his friends.

Jay might be dating someone but he hasn't made it official yet. We hope in near future, Jay opens more about his relationship.

Jay Alvarez's ex-girlfriend slams him on twitter

Usually, celebrities after break uptake on social media to announce their split, Jay's ex-Alexis did the opposite things. After the breakup, Alexis flooded twitter with her tweets claiming Jay manipulated her, fame changed him and even saying him f*** boy.

Jay Alvarez and Alexis Ryan, source: Twitter

Above them all, Alexis shamed Jay with a tweet saying he got a small d***.

In the response Hawaiian filmmakers  Jay hit back to Alexis with a video of himself on Maldives on Feb 22 with a caption :

“I got 99 problems & this ain’t one babi.” He also added the hashtag, “#BeTheBiggerPerson.”

Again he tweeted saying Body Shaming is never cool.

Well, some don't get over with their relationship.