Is Jasmine Guy still Single After Divorce from Terrence Duckett? Know about her Children

Sam SmithPublished on   14 Jan, 2018Updated on   14 Jan, 2018

Jasmine Guy is a talented star who is involved in various sectors of Hollywood Industry. A skilled actress, dancer, singer, and also a director, Jasmine was married to Terrence Duckett some years ago. But, after their separation, who is Jasmine currently in a relationship with?

Breakups and divorce are a difficult thing to swallow for both the divorcer and the divorcee. Such a thing happened to Jasmine. She seems to still not get out of the divorce she had with her former husband. So, what do you think about the relationship status of Jasmine? Scroll to know more.

Is Jasmine Guy dating anyone after unpredictable failure in Marriage?

Single life is considered to be very difficult and if it’s after a break-up, it is impossible to quickly get out of it. Every people want to get hold of someone better after separation to share their distress. But in case of Jasmine Guy, she preferred to stay single and take care of her daughter along with her own struggle.

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After divorce with Terrence Duckett, there was a rumor that she was romantically linked with American actor, Eddie Murphy. However, no information regarding their relationship was obtained. None of them has confirmed about their relationship so it was just lingering in the air.

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Currently, Jasmine has remained single and there is no controversies and rumors of her dating with any guy. She is found to be focusing on her career.

What made her marriage fall apart? Also, know about their children

Jasmine Gay was married to an American actor, Terrence Duckett on 22nd August 1998. The couple dated each other since the year 1987 but they have not revealed their first meeting. On the same year, the duo was blessed with a daughter named as Imani Duckett.

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The couple seemed to have a very strong connection as they were together for a long time. However, in 2008 all of her fans were shocked when Jasmine filed for a divorce.

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Jasmine and Terrence both fought for the custody of their daughter. Jasmine got the custody of her daughter as her case was strong. For a couple of years, he supported his daughter financially but after that he ran away from his duties. So she finally decided to raise her daughter alone and is struggling a lot for her daughter.

Imani following her mother footstep

Jasmine’s daughter Imani has also stepped in Hollywood after she made her debut in the Serial Black Face in 2016. The play has also got success in its own way.

[ CAPTION: Imani Guy in the Serial Black Face ][ SOURCE: Heightline ]

Imani has also set to become an actress. Both Jasmine and Imani share a very close bonding. The sacrifice made by Jasmine for her daughter is turning fruitful.

Despite having lots of ups and downs in life, Jasmine has struggled a lot. She is residing with her daughter in Atlanta. She is only focusing on her career and helping her daughter in making a great professional career.