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Is Janet Montgomery dating ex-boyfriend Charlie Cox???

September 1, 2015
First published on:September 1, 2015
by HitBerry

Charlie Cox is the latest and hottest installment of the sexy British in America .The Daredevil star, with his irresistible accent, has dated some of the finest women in the business. Cox’s last relationship was with Salem star Janet Montgomery. The couple called quits in early 2015, but there have been rumors that Janet was looking to get back with Cox .Cox has called off those rumors to be false, saying he is busy concentrating in his career at the moment.

Janet first met her boyfriend Cox in New York while Cox was shooting for Boardwalk Empire. Cox says they instantly felt connected and the relationship moved to great extents after the encounter. The couple started dating shortly after. The couple was seen frequently taking vacation together in the Caribbean.

The couple have said they had a lot in common .Janet has said Charlie was like her, not super- ambitious although they both love their work equally. The couples were staying together in London and had gone house hunting together. Janet has a laid back personality and every time she had to get dolled up for events and shows Cox loved seeing her all elegant and beautiful.

Other than her relationship with Cox, Janet hasn’t been in any other serious relationship. The Salem star keeps her personal life away from media as much as possible and was outgoing only when it came to Cox.

Janet, previous to her fame in Salem, was known for her role as Eric Murphy’s assistant in the latter seasons of the hit HBO series Entourage.  When Janet began her career, she struggled for lack of drama school training. Representation was a major issue for Montgomery and her breakthrough came when she acted in a play Produced by her friend.

After her breakthrough she landed a role as Nicholas Hoult’s love interest in the cult hit UK TV show Skins. Until 2010 she still had difficulty in doing anything substantial for her career .However, she featured in a number of thriller movies which were released straight to DVD’s.

2010 was a very fruitful year for Janet as she featured in the Oscar nominated movie Black Swan as a younger version of Natalie Portman. After her appearance in Black Swann, she has not had difficulty in getting roles and has managed to land a number of roles both in TV and Movies.

She is currently the lead cast member in the TV show Salem and has three movies which are under production and set to release in the fall of 2015.

Janet is 29 years old and this year she has two movies releasing in her birth month. Janet’s height is 1.68m (5ft6”). She has an older brother who is also an actor named Jason Montgomery. Janet describes herself in Twitter as a “small time TV actress and big time life actor”. She can be followed in Twitter under the username @jayrmonty.


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