Is Jan Morgan Married or still Single? Know her Married Life and Relationship Affairs

Popular as the Muslim Free Gun Range Owner, the American conservative activist, Jan Morgan is living a life of philanthropy with many people against her discriminative stand. But, she does have a range of supporters with her. The only question now is, is she in a marital relationship with anyone to support her in every way of her life?


Being politically inclined to your thought and driven by our principles is a tough trait to find in today's people. But, Jan Morgan has been able to stay as a stable woman regarding her principles and her thinking. Today, we are going to discuss the brave woman's relationship status. Let's look into the personal life of this activist to find out if she has a supporter whom she can call hers!

Is Jan Morgan Married or still Single?

We greased our elbows to the extent to find out if Jan Morgan is single or in a relationship. We found out that she is currently married to her love, Bob Paskvich.

CAPTION: Jan Morgan and her husband Bob Paskvich SOURCE: Instagram

This couple doesn't have a long history of marital history given their age. With a much deeper inspection, we found out that Jan Morgan married Bob Paskvich on June 11, 2013, in front of their close friends and family members. The news of their marriage was posted by Jan Morgan herself and her friend Becky Prestwich on Facebook.

CAPTION: Jan Morgan and her husband Bob Paskvich wedding SOURCE: 
CAPTION: Jan Morgan whispering I LOVE YOU to Bob Paskvich SOURCE: Facebook
CAPTION: Jan Morgan's friend Becky Prestwich congratulating Jan and Bob on their marriage SOURCE: Facebook

The activist also shared the picture of their first dance on her social media profile. In one of the pictures, she shows off her wedding ring saying that she is thrilled to have Bob in her life and that she has caught her dream guy.

CAPTION: Jan Morgan showing off her ring during her first dance SOURCE: Facebook

Are Jan Morgan and Bob Paskvich happy together?

It's a question every normal person thinks of, isn't it? Whenever someone is married for a couple of years, then it's right to be curious about how the couple's relationship is going. To shift our focus on Jan and Bob, then the couple is currently happy together. How are we saying this? Well, we took to the couple's Facebook profiles to look for a clue, and we found this!

CAPTION: Jan Morgan saying that Bob is her favorite person SOURCE: Facebook

See! The photo was posted on March 17, 2018, where she has said that Bob is her favorite man. So, it's all clear that the owner of Gun Cave Arkansas, Jan Morgan and Bob Paskvich are living their life happily.