Is James Lafferty married or single? Know his current affairs and relationship

James Lafferty is a well-known American actor, director, and producer. James made his best recognition for his portrayal of Nathan Scott on The CW teen drama television series One Tree Hill. Here, reveal if James Lafferty married anyone.

James spent almost two decades of a long time in acting. But, still, his personal life is still far from his fans reach. One of the questions he frequently gets is about his marital status. Or if he dates anyone currently or not? So, let's know about his personal life in detail.

Is James Lafferty married of single?

Is James Lafferty married? We don't find it unusual to know about their affairs and relations with various artists and their co-stars. But not all the actors share their personal life with the public.

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Some actors disclose their personal life to the public for just their fame. But James Lafferty is not among those type of actors. He has kept his personal life well wrapped. He never posts any pictures with his girlfriends on the social sites like Instagram and Twitter.

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Speaking of his marital status, he's possibly unmarried yet. We are mentioning him as unmarried as there is no conclusive evidence of his marriage. But, we have few relationships of him which exceeded the boundary of friendship and tagged as love affairs. Check it out.

James Lafferty's Affairs; Who is He currently Dating?

The 31- aged American actor James dated a few number of girlfriends in his past. His dating history doesn't show a long list of other popular Hollywood stars. He started being in a love relation from his early twenties.

His first girlfriend's Sophia Bush. She is an American actress, director, spokesperson, and activist. The couple took the limelight for their love relation during 2008 and 2009. They dated from May 2008 to April 2009 and then the couple broke up.

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Prior to his relation with Sophia, media rumored him dating Rachel Wilson. According to some sources, the couple dated for around a year during 2005 and 2006. But, the relation only remained as the rumor as no one addressed it.

Soon after his breakup with his first girlfriend Bush, James built his relation with an American model and actress Shantel VanSanten. The relation didn't last for a long either as they broke shortly after eleven months of a love relationship. Later, Sophia told it was one of her wrong decisions to date James.

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However, after his breakup with Shantel, he engaged in a long-term love relation with the American actress Eve Hewson. The couple began their relation from the early 2010 and spent several quality times each other. But, the couple couldn't take the relation to the destination as they broke up back in 2015.