Is Jack Gleeson dating a Game of Thrones co-star? Who is his girlfriend?

HitBerryPublished on   04 Dec, 2015Updated on   04 Dec, 2015

Jack Gleeson is a brilliant actor and is best known for portraying one of the most hated characters of all time in TV – King Joffrey Baratheon in the most watched TV show on the planet, “Game of Thrones”.

Jack recently has been rumored to have sparked a love interest with one of his former co-stars from Game of Thrones. But, he has dispelled all such rumors by stating them to be baseless and the work of media frenzy.

However, earlier on, Jack was rumored to have been dating his co-star and on screen love interest Sophie Turner. The relationship between the two, although short lived, was one that had sent the fans and media into frenzy. Some reports have stated that Jack and Sophie began showing interest towards each other as they neared the end of shooting for the first season.

However, by the time the second season was shot and completed, they had already begun maintaining distance as things between the two got complicated. Both tried to see the other as little as possible by every means possible.

Jack, as of now, has been concentrating his time and energy in independent movies and philosophy, where he has said his actual passion lies. He has been making many trips to the tribal areas of Papa New Guinea to get an in-depth analysis of the people and lifestyle there.

Earlier, he had written several research papers on them, but had to take a hiatus from his academics for his acting commitments.  Jack, who is an academic at heart, is also an outstanding student and the recipient of a scholarship in his alma mater, the prestigious Trinity College in Dublin.

Jack was a popular figure among girls as a teenager and has been known to have had several girlfriends at a time. He has also said that when he was a teenager, speed- dating was his style  as he wanted to get to know a person in the shortest time possible.

Jack, who has had a fair amount of success in a very short career, has already been featured in over ten movies, with four being short movies made by him and his close friends. However, his most notable movie appearances have been in “Batman Begins”, ”Shrooms” and “A Shine of Rainbows”.

Jack, unlike most of his co-stars, is not into social networking. Although he maintains a Twitter account, he is seldom known to Tweet or post new feeds online. However, due to his huge fan base, he has a number of fan accounts on Twitter and Instagram. These fan accounts have been solely dedicated to Jack and they post photos of him and his latest doings regularly.

Jack’s net worth is an estimated $9 million.