Is it Good to have Sex During Menstruation or Period? Find out its Advantages and Disadvantages

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After around a gap of every month (basically 28 days) sexually grown female releases egg cells through her ovary, which travels towards the uterus passes through the Fallopian tube. The uterus gets ready for feasible pregnancy by developing a uterine lining that is made of blood vessels and tissue. This lining system is called endometrium.

If the egg is not fertilized and pregnancy does not happen, the uterine lining is shed and provides the body through the vagina as a blender of tissue and blood over a period of 3 to 7 days.

This process is known as menstruation or a period, the entire cycle reoccurs after egg becomes mature in one or the ovaries. This cycle is called menstrual cycle.

Is it good to have sex during Menstruation?

Just because you’re on period doesn’t mean you have to step back from sex. The different research shows that women get more pleasure by having sex during menstruation than other times.

The lessons, needs of lubrication and some research take out that sex can comfort cramps of a period.  A result of a research, published in 2013 by Cephalalgia says that sexual activity may take down the cluster head pain and migraine for some.

In an interview, a physician assistant of the Medical Center for Female Sexuality, Tara Ford says go for it, while she asked if it is fine to have sex during period; her team further describes, if the patient is comfortable with it, then it’s a to regulate to sex for whole month and not require to take any break. Ford continue, it’s natural and safe for both partners.

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Benefits having sex during period

You will reduce your depression and get relief:

With the busy schedule people get more stressed these days, also some females get physical weakness and pain during menstruation, if you are one of them try sex with your partner it may reduce your stress.  And as per Kinsey Confidential, both mental and physical aspects of sex may support to reduce period crams.

Improves your Sleep:

If your period pains are disrupting your sleep, it might have other cause as well; the hormonal alteration corresponding with sexual activity may help you to doze off, as per women’s health.

Women get high pleasure:

Many of the research show that women feel more pleasure by period sex than usual, this is due to the enhancement in hormonal response and also because of the enhancement in lubrication that makes things more comfortable.

Less fear of pregnancy:  

If you are on your period (3 to 5 days), you are safe from pregnancy, however, in some cases bleeding lasts for more than 5 days or over a week; during this period women fertilization system starts to develop eggs so there is a possibility of pregnancy.

If this is the case you should implement other precautions for unwanted pregnancy but having sex is perfectly natural.

Negative Impacts

As per our research, there are very less negative impacts of having sex during menstruation as compare to benefits. However, the one and the most important is the transformation of disease through the communication of blood.  

If a woman has sex during her period without any precaution, and if she has some kind of disease, there’s a high chance that the disease attacks partner as well. So it is better to be safe by using the regular precaution.

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