Is Isaiah Mustafa dating anyone? Is he married?

March 27, 2016
First published on:March 27, 2016
by HitBerry

Isaia Mustafa is an American actor and former NFL practice squad wide receiver, widely known as the main character in the series of Old Spice television commercials, The Man Your Man Could Smell Like. Isaia Mustafa started his career in small screen by playing small roles on various television series at start but now his screen has gone silver, audience wider and character better. Isaia Mustafa is now one of the names in the silver screen with movies like “Horrible Bosses”, “Madea's Big Happy Family” etc. Taking his small screen fame to big screen we definitely can picture him advancing a great deal in his career.

Mustafa was youngest of seven children of Shahidah Mustafa-Davis and John Wali Mustafa. He has five sisters and a brother. He was once a married man and has a daughter named Haley Mustafa from his ex-wife. However details about his ex-wife has not been disclosed nor about the divorce.

After the separation from his ex-wife, Mustafa has been linked with some ladies. There was a rumor about Isaiah Mustafa dating Neve Campbell. According to a source that told ‘US Weekly’ that Neve and Isaiah have been dating. They started dating in December, 2010 and split up in 2010 after dating for 11 months. This information so provided has not been confirmed by the fellow actors yet.

After Neve-Isaiah affair, there was a rumor that paired Isaiah Mustafa with Kathy Griffin in 2011. Isaiah Mustafa talked to on Monday about his rumored romance with comedienne Kathy Griffin and said "I think she is amazing!” "But," Mustafa insisted, "I just happen to be a single man!” Still, a source told although that Mustafa and Griffin are not boyfriend/girlfriend, but they are definitely spending time together and getting to know each other. This sure tells us a lot about their fling.

After Kathy Griffin, Mustafa has not been linked with anyone. We do not know whether he is single or has a girlfriend as he seems to be laying low on this matter. The rumors about him being gay that were started by some have been claimed to be nothing but rumors.

What is insane about this footballer turned actor is his workout. The Old Spice Guy has done P90X for 3 years and swears by the Tony Horton workout routine.  Isaiah Mustafa recently appeared on The Tonight Show and told Jay Leno that Tony Horton has him on a crazy diet. Further The Old Spice YouTube channel has reportedly received over 50 million views with total web views of the Old Spice Guy videos reaching over 100 million. 

We all know for a fact now that Isaiah Mustafa takes opportunities as a blessing and does the very best that can be done at almost everything. He has climbed the ladder of success with lot of efforts and now has net worth of approximate $5 million. And last but not the least HE IS NOT DONE YET!

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