Is Isabel Fonseca Married to Martin Amis, do they have any Children?

HitBerryPublished on   05 Sep, 2017Updated on   01 May, 2021

An American writer, Isabel  Fonseca, she is one of the few female novelists who have the ability to sum up all the gender issues in her book. After publishing her first novel Attachment back in 2009, she has been a renowned face in the world in recent days

You might be wondering, despite being such a famous celebrity, why does she keep her personal life away from media. Well, Isabel likes to keep it that day. But we do have something for you guys, she has a wonderful family and is blessed with children.

Isabel Fonseca living happily after years of marriage

Many of her fans must be eager to know whether she is married or not? From the list of celebrities who keep herself away from the limelight of media, Isabel is no exceptional case. But we had to dig up some interesting facts about her personal life.

In recent days, the 56-year-old Isabel is living in Uruguay with her family. Fonseca is married to a British Novelist Martin Louis Amis aka bad boy of English letters who is best known for his novels Money and London Fields. In an interview, she reveals the known facts about the man.  

Isabel Fonseca and Martin Amis, source: The New York Times

However, the dates about the engagement and wedding day are still behind the curtain. Like Isabel, Martin has a wonderful career. In fact, most of the novels written by Martin are loved by people.

Martin Amis, source: Pinterest

The Information author Martin and Fonseca are blessed with two daughters Colin Amis and Feernanda Amis.According to some sources,  Isabel is a grandmother. She is also a caring mother, wife and ideal woman as Isabela reveals some of the facts about her family values on her novel Attachment.

You will be surprised to know,  Fonseca is the second wife of Amis and from his previous marriage, he got one son named Louis Amis and daughter Fernanda Amis.

Isabel Fonseca with her husband Martin Amis and daughter Colin and Fernanda Amis, Source: AZ Quotes

Fonseca has frequently forwarded the idea the issues between women and her husband which can be seen on her novel Attachment. In this novel, she described a  woman who suspects her husband cheating on her, which raises a question about her relationship between Martin and her.

Many of her fan for a moment thought that their relationship is in trouble as writer words come from their real life.

Currently, The James Bond Dossier author is living with her husband in Brooklyn, New York.

Who is Isabel Fonseca?

The youngest daughter of Uruguayan sculptor Gonzalo Fonseca's was born in 1961 in New York City. Isabel novel has influenced many of the women around the world with the social issues women have been facing in the societies.

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In her early life, she attended Concord Academy and graduated from Barnard College then went to Wadham College for further study. Before getting into the fame, Fonseca used to work in publishing and newspaper in London Times Literary Supplement.

Image result for isabel fonseca books Isabel Fonseca Novel Attachment, source: Penguin Books

Isabel debut novel was Attachment that was published in 2009, which made a quite impression among people. After that, she became the author of the best selling novel Bury Me Standing: The Gypsies and Their Journey.

Image result for isabel fonseca books Bury Me Standing: The Gypsies and Their Journey, Isabela's novel, source: images

We hope, in near future, we get to hear more good news from Isabela family and wish to have more success in their upcoming days.