Is Hip-hop artist Joey Badass a genius or a fool to turn down Jay z's label deal?

"That moment made me knew that I could do anything," he says. "I even read Jay Z's Decoded  book and there's this one chapter in there where he was, when he went to go meet with Russell Simmons to sign with Def Jam, he said his only thought was sitting across the table from Russell Simmons was, 'Damn, I don't wanna sign to this nigga. I wanna be this nigga.' I kinda took that same, I kinda had that same perspective, but shit, shoutout to Jay, man because he was on it before a lot of people."

Says Joey Bada$$ in an interview with DJ Whoo Kidd on "The Whoolywood Shuffle". He almost signed the deal with Jay Z’s Roc Nation but why did he turn down the deal, you can watch in the given interview.

Even Joey revealed that with whom he wants to work with in his upcoming projects.

On 2014, Joey had a World Domination Tour. We must say he is ain't stupid but is he a genius??