Is Gregg Rainwater Married or Dating or still Single? Know his professional career and awards

Every passing day brings a new beginning but, the likes and dislikes remain the same. The Hollywood actor Gregg Rainwater has been a fan favorite since his days up until now. Every one of us has once thought of digging deep into the relationship status of the dashing actor.


We could not silence our curious minds, so we have embarked on a journey to find all about Gregg’s relationships and affairs. Today, we will reveal the unknown truths about the 51-year actor’s love affairs. Stay tuned to know if he’s married or still single.

Is Gregg Rainwater married?

Gregg is already in his 50s. So, it should be a natural thing to be married. However, due to the secretive nature of the actor, nothing is known about his current life. Gregg has been keeping his real life in check as to he has not let anything slip to the social media platforms or any other media grounds.

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The actor has kept his life away from the charm of the Hollywood industry since long before. He is still connected to the filming industry but, only as an art director. Besides that, he is not linked with any other women.

Gregg Rainwater's Mini-Bio including his Professional Career and Awards

Let’s talk a little about Gregg Rainwater. He was born on February 27, 1966. He dived into the acting career since he saw the movie, Oliver when he was still in the 6th grade. His continuously increasing passion for acting turned to school plays and further to theaters.

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His career came into play only after he went to the West Coast Ensemble Group. The actor has been featured in films like Foreign Correspondent, Street Fighter, Ocean Tribe, etc. Besides, he has also appeared in the TV series, Days of Our Lives, Promised Land, etc. Further, Gregg has also given his voice to some animation films like Pocahontas II, Max Steel, and Pepper Ann.

[ CAPTION: Gregg Rainwater in Street Fighter ][ SOURCE: Movie Stills DB ]

Talking about his recent achievements, Gregg had been nominated in the Emmys for Outstanding Art Direction For Variety, Music Or Nonfiction Programming. He got the nomination for American Idol - Idol Gives Back. But, sadly he couldn’t get an award for it.

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All in all, the American actor and art director, Gregg Rainwater has been living such an introverted life that it has become hard to determine his current lifestyle.

Whether he is married or not, has also remained as a question to all of us, especially his fans. Even though his life is a mystery, we wish him further success in both of his private and professional life.