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Is Greg Kelly married? He's been accused of raping a woman and also misbehaving with his co-host.

October 18, 2016
First published on:October 18, 2016
by John

Greg Kelly is an American Broadcast journalist who is currently the co-host of Good Day New York. He previously worked as the co-host of Fox and Friends and White House correspondent for Fox News. Apart from that he also has made his appearances in many movies. Furthermore, he is also a Lieutenant Colonel in the U.S Marine Corps Reserves.

He is one of the most admired journalists who has made many contributions to the American Broadcast field.  Although being such an intellectual person, he is blamed of different accusations. So what is he charged with and are the allegation made really true?

Greg Kelly on Good Day New York

Greg Kelly on Good Day New York

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Is Greg Kelly married?

Greg Kelly, one of the loved TV personalities who is in his forties is still unmarried. He was born on 17 December, 1968; which makes him 47 now. People are amazed how he goes to movies alone as he stated in one of his show. 

Greg Kelly

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Greg is a fine looking gentleman and  when he comes on-screen and presenting himself he definitely seems to the guy many women would love but no one knows why he is not married yet. We can hardly come across news of Greg dating or getting married. But we hope that he gets married soon.

Greg Kelly accused of raping a woman

Maria Di Toro who accused Greg Kelly for rape

Maria Di Toro who accused Greg Kelly of rape 

Source: buzzfeed

Greg Kelly was charged with raping a woman. The New York Post January 2012 article says that the abused woman became pregnant from their October sexual encounter and aborted the baby afterwards. Maria Di Toro the victim official filed a complaint against Greg Kelly for the dreadful act on January 2012.

On the other hand, Greg reported that he met the woman the same night she claimed the attack happened where Maria Says they met Kelly two days prior when she recognised him from TV on the street.

According to a source, Manhattan District Attorney's Office did the investigation on the case and the rape allegation because of the inherent conflict of interest in an NYPD probe.

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The case went more critical as the woman was continuously claiming and accusing Greg to be the culprit but Greg Kelly's lawyer, Andrew Lankler said the claim to be completely false and strenuously denied the allegation.

"Mr Kelly strenuously denies any wrongdoing of any kind and is cooperating fully with the district attorney's investigation. We know the district attorney's investigation will prove Mr Kelly's innocence", told Andrew Lankler. Many asserted Greg to be innocent even Rosanna Scotto the co-host of Good Day New York said, 'I love Greg. That's all I can say'.

The woman told police that her boyfriend became furious when she told him about the abuse and he approaches the police commissioner at a public event. According to a source, Greg Kelly and the woman continued to communicate after the incident but those communications don’t claim her claim of being pregnant.

When the woman's boyfriend was blaming Greg for ruining his girlfriend's life, he was told to write a letter as he didn’t want to discuss the matter in a public setting but it's said that the was never written.

Greg another case of misbehaving with his co-host

Greg Kelly on the set of Good Day New York

Greg Kelly on the set of Good Day New York

Source: nydailynews

This is the other case which may make you feel Greg Kelly to be a culprit in the above case. The case is about Greg Kelly getting inappropriate on air with Anna Gilligan's bikini body who is the Fox co-worker.

Greg is a very intellectual person but how can he forget that there are a time and place for admiring your co-worker's body on a live TV show. Anna Gilligan was reporting live from the newly renovated Action Park in New Jersey in a bikini.

Anna Gilligan reporting for Good Day New York

Anna Gilligan reporting for Good Day New York 

Source: nydailynews

Greg Kelly tried to stop Anna Gilligan from ending the segment and going to get dressed. Afterwards, Anna admitted she was scared that she had to strip to a two-piece on air. Greg then struggles to keep Anna on air asking different questions. 

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