Is GOT's Michael McElhatton Single or Married? Know if he is in Justice League

HitBerryPublished on   13 Oct, 2017Updated on   30 Apr, 2021

Are you getting hype for 2017 Justice League? As each day the release date is coming near, more surprising facts are revealed. Fans are excited each day with the reveal of the new cast. Its a dream come true for DC fans as once portrayed in anime series, finally made its way to the big screen.

Michael McElhatton recently made the headlines when the news of Michael casting in Justice League was revealed.  Michael is an Irish actor and writer mostly known for his role in GOT.

Is Michael McElhatton Single or Married?

If you watch Game of  Thrones, then Michael McElhatton will be a familiar name for you. Mostly famous for portraying the role of Roose Bolt, as cold, calculating, and cautious man. Well keeping aside his professional life, let's know about his personal life.

We know, Michael has been in the film industry for years, but recently he rose to fame, with all time evergreen series Game of Thrones. As McElhatton appeared in GOT people, wanted to know more about him and out of the reel.

Michael McElhatton, source: Game of Thrones Wiki - Fandom

While celebrities of his age are enjoying their marital relationship, Michael may be single. After being the public face, it's surprising that Michael never came forward with his love life.

Michael McElhatton with his co-star, source:

So what's the reason behind it? Michael's hectic life can be a reason. After appearing in the GOT, Michael has been in huge projects like The Z00Keepers wife,  King Arthur Legend of the Arthur, and Justice League.

Michael McElhatton, Kristian Nairn, Liam Cunningham, and Ian McElhinney. Game Of Thrones Cast, source: Pinterest

We hope in the near future, Micahel opens more about his relationship with his fan.

Michael McElhatton in Justice league 2017

Whether you are DC or Marvel fan, it's obvious whenever superheroes are about to release, we all get excited to be in the theater. More than that, the cast in the movie gains more popularity among fan.

Back in early 2017, Michael McElhatton was rumored to have a role in WB'S Justice League. But the rumors were in the shade until April 2017 when he confirmed the news.

With the amazing acting in Game of Thrones, it's sure, the excitement among Micahel's fan is high.

While confirming the news, Michael said:

“I can’t really tell you anything about that. Who knows, maybe they’re doing reshoots? I can’t really say, but it looks pretty amazing.”

The scene I did…Well at the moment I can say it’s a big kind of opening scene. It was pretty dark actually, in it’s tone. But in a good way…I quite like that.

Here is the video of his confirming the news.

Justice League is about to release on November 17, we all are excited to see the next big superhero movie.