Is Fast N’ Loud's Aaron Kaufman gay? Find out his girlfriend and dating rumors

After Richerd Rawlings gay rumor another partner of Gas Monkey Garage is now on the pinpoint of media. People cannot stop talking about  Aaron Kaufman co-host of Fast N Loud and Rawlings partner being gay. The man who has long beards and a rock star look and with excellent car modification skills is on today's charter.

The successful show host and Entrepreneur of Gas Monkey Garage Aaron Kaufman is one most handsome person working in Gas monkey and also an only single man between these two partners. Fans cannot stop talking about him. A single man is lately rumored to be gay and we clearly remember Richerd Rawlings rumor back in 2012, so in 2016 the ghost of gay rumor has returned and is hunting a straight man Kaufman. Today we are here to put some facts straight! Let's take a look at Aaron Kaufman's personal life to prove his straightness.

Kaufman and Rawlings are like brothers

At first, let's set things straight. Aaron has been linked with three different ladies over the years. So, if you are linked with three different sizzling hot ladies then he is got to have a straight orientation.

People are crazy, they can even hold a strong feeling that Both co-hosts of Fast N loud could be having an affair with one another too. To be clear, They are only good friends. So no need to make a fuss out of their show.

The love life of Aaron Kaufman with Lindsay J.

Aaron and Lindsay J. make their entry in the top list of this chart. Though Aaron was rumored to be dating a backstage off-camera crew member for fast and loud which has been an unsolved mystery till today, we surely know that Aaron was once in love with sexy Lindsay J.

The couple was together for more than three years but the relationship could not work out well in between them. The couple is separated now. Lindsay also has a youtube account where she used to answers Aaron's fans.

She once created a video on Aaron in his birthday on the same channel she hosted. Despite dating for more than three years couple did not get married.

Recent days love story of Aaron with Lauren Moore Knob

The Recent love story between Aaron and Lauren is quite an interesting one to look at. The couple is always seen posting each others pictures on Instagram. They are seen pretty occupied with cars, travel, and dogs.


Unreal. And terrifying! Took me like an hour to get semi close to the edge.

A photo posted by Lauren Moore Knob (@mooreknob) on


The pretty couple is seen having fun all the time. They live together and are seen having fun in their life together. Let's take a look at some of the pictures shared by the couple on their Instagram.

Thanksgiving with Turkey

The couple in this picture is preparing for Christmas with a huge Turkey. Look how happy they seem with each other. They look so adorable together. It looks like Lauren is a kitchen loving women.

Caption: Aaron Kaufman and Lauren Moore Knob Instagram image 2016 December

She has a well-managed kitchen and food sure looks tasty. Aaron is lucky because he has a chef in his home now.

Riding A Yamaha Dirtbike at night

Is is a good idea? Are these two lovers drunk? Well, it looks romantic, The bike should be a breed dirt because riding a dirt bike on a regular road is forbidden. Keep speeding up the relationship but be careful on the road.

A lot of traveling

The couple is seen traveling to places. The couple went to Vegas five weeks ago on a car. Aaron shared the story on his Instagram, The couple realized that they had never been to Vegas together.

Caption: Trip to Vegas

And the couple quickly got into a car and hit the road together to Vegas and on the way they stopped to take shots beside grand canyon.

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