Is Eva Longoria Pregnant? Reveal her Married Life

Former Desperate Housewives star, Eva Longoria married her fiancé Jose on 21st May 2016. By the way, this is her third marriage. She first married an actor, Tyler Christopher in 2002 and followed by her second marriage in 2007 to a basketball player, Tony Parker.

Now back to our main motif, Eva is with a child or not? The possibility seems pretty high since there are several images of her wearing oversized shirt. May be it would not have created so much buzz if she did not have a body of a Greek goddess. Stay tuned to find if she is actually pregnant.

Is the couple ready to announce the GOOD NEWS?

When you are a celebrity, then it does not take long for your family to know what’s happening in your life. Just turn on the TV or browse the internet. The downside of being a celebrity, huh. When rumors about her being pregnant were everywhere in the media, relatives, and members of her family began ringing her to ask if she was really pregnant.

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Eva-Longoria on the beach Eva-Longoria on the beach Source:

Eva, a persona with versatile personality finally answered the big question to the Mirror. Sadly, guys, She is not. The sexy actress told

"So that's the news of the day. Not pregnant, just eating a lot of cheese, a lot of wine, lot of pancakes. Pre-pancake stomach. You'll see post-pancake.”

One thing for sure, Eva does have quite a sense of humor.

Eva and her husband Eva Longoria and her husband Source:

She added that she already has beautiful kids, from Jose’s previous marriage. So she did not feel the need of another child. But she eventually will want to have one, considering she is already 42.

Is Eva Longoria happily married with Jose Baston?

From the romantic pictures of the couple where they were kissing, Mr. and Mrs. Baston seem like love birds who just got married. Strangely, Eva does not remember about their first meeting. Back in 2013, they had met with the help of a friend for the first time. Both of them were single at the time. Yet it was 6 months later, they met again. This time, Eva recalls

“It was like the cliché angels singing,” she said. “There was a glow around him.”

The magic still has not faded from their relationship. In fact, she revealed to the People that he has more sense of fashion than her, hence Jose’s nickname, ‘Mr. Fancy Pants’.

Eva and her better half can’t seem to get their hands off of each other. Even though Baston does like to have his own privacy, Longoria's views are just the opposite. She opened her feelings about her husband, to People. Jose is the first one who is older but she feels him as her equal, given both of her exes were younger than her.

Funny and sexy actress, Eva further tattled that she was obsessed with Jose and could never love another man like she loved him.Clearly, Eva Longoria is in head over heels in love with Jose.