Is Erin Holland 's Boyfriend Ben Cutting gonna be Husband Soon. Is Marriage Set? NO- Break-up 4 sure

July 31, 2016
First published on:July 31, 2016
by HitBerry

Long distance relationship is not really hard when your love is head over heels for you. Communication is all that you need in the long distance relationship. The same is going on with our former Miss World Australia Erin Holland and the Australian cricketer Ben Cutting. For the sake of their own respective career, they are living apart but the case of distance makes the heart grow fonder perfectly applies here.

Brisbane based player for the Brisbane Heat in Big Bash League and Sydney based model and singer are struggling with the long distance relationship. Erin Holland who has recently been the new face of BMW says-

“I think when you find the right person, the pain, and the torture doesn't feel so bad and it's worth it, distance is worth it”



That @cuttsy_31 he scrubs up alright...

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Long distance relationship of Erin Holland and Ben Cutting

Though the couple is away apart from each other but, they always tend to be together and do not leave a single chance to meet up. Erin says-

“The nature of his job and my job makes it easier to see each other - it would be harder if I had a 9 to 5 job. I might be able to get up there a few days every week and vice versa”



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It has been more than a year that the couple has been in a relationship. They first made their public appearance in January 2015. Since the time they have been together, Erin’s Instagram is all filled with the pictures of Ben and her together. In last January, the couple celebrated their first year anniversary together.

Every time they reunite, Erin keeps updating about their date and reunion to the fans through her Instagram posts. But being a public figure, she is concerned about putting the right and suitable pictures in social media. She says-

“You’ve got to be really conscious of what you’re putting out there – particularly if you choose to have a career in the media and in the spotlight,' she continued. 'You have to be accountable for everything you put up.”

Erin Holland’s flew India to meet her boyfriend Ben Cutting

When Ben is out of the country for the games, Erin is often seen posting the pictures of them on her Instagram showing how much she misses him. Also, Erin has always been the personal cheerleader of Ben as she always supports him and cheers him up for the games at least through the Instagram post. Lucky boyfriend! A busy girlfriend takes out time to show her support and love for him.

While the tall right-armed fast bowler was in India for IPL playing for the team Rajasthan Royals in May 2015, Erin flew India to meet up her beau. Even the distance was not able to keep the love birds apart.

In addition to this, they are often seen strolling together with each other. In addition, their romance is never ending with long kisses, reuniting for the date vacations, meeting up in the home, etc. The couple who met through a mutual friend is able to fill up the spaces that they face in long distance relationship with every single and special reunion they do.

Just 4 days ago, in Instagram Erin posted a picture of her in Brisbane. Hmm! I think she went there to meet her beau, right? Still, the love is in the air. The wedding bell is ringing but where is the time with them to listen to it? Might be the idea of getting married is not hitting up their mind but the couple has not broken up for sure.

We wish them be together forever and prove that long distance relationship works.

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