Is Emma Hiddleston dating anyone? Is she married?

March 28, 2016
First Published On: March 28, 2016
by HitBerry

Tom Hidddleston’s lesser known sister, Emma Hiddleston may not be as famous as her brother, but she also has a dedicated fan base, who care about what kind of things are happening in her life. And for those fans, who are eager to have information about the British actress, the information about even her general life has been scarce; let alone the information about her love affairs.

It is believed Emma’s romantic life is hugely affected by the global superstar status of her brother. Emma regularly gets the opportunity to interact with the top level Hollywood performers through her brother. It was rumored Emma briefly dated Hollywood superstar Benedict Cumberbatch, whom she got to know through her brother. Tom and Benedict are really close to each other, and it is believed the relationship didn’t go any further as Tom feared letting his sister continue the relationship will ruin his friendship.

The actress is already 28 years old. This is the age, by which most of the people settle down with their loved ones to start a family. There are even suggestions that Hiddleston is already married to her high-school boyfriend, whom she met during her younger years. However, the Hiddleston family has not yet said anything about Emma’s married life or wedding, so these rumors can’t be confirmed yet.

As of now, it can’t yet be said for certain whether Emma has a boyfriend, husband or is still single. But it can be said for sure, given her attractive personality and enchanting good looks, there must be a long line of hot and famous Hollywood celebrities, who want to be dating Emma.

As for now, things seem to be going pretty well in Emma’s romantic life but same cannot be said about her acting career. She has not yet made an appearance in major Hollywood movies. It is not that Emma doesn’t have the capability for that; she is a graduate from Cambridge University, it’s just that her big break has not yet come.

Emma has made small appearances in movies like Unrelated, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and the 1999 movie Holby City. She has not yet appeared in any TV shows. But it has been rumored Emma Hiddleston’s big break in Hollywood could come this year, courtesy the contacts her brother has gathered throughout his acting career.

The actress is not active across any social media sites, which has made it very difficult for her fans, eager to know about the latest happening in her life, to obtain information about her.

It is also believed, although her role in the movie The Witcher 3 was a small one, she got paid a very healthy sum for her appearance. Along with this earning, her net worth is estimated to be somewhere around $1 million.