Is Emilie Ullerup Married to Kyle Cassie. Or is he just the Boyfriend of Danish Actress?

HitBerryPublished on   31 Jul, 2016Updated on   19 Sep, 2017

Emilie Ullerup, a beautiful Danish actress has been successful to make a place in Hollywood entertainment industry. Winning millions of hearts, she won 2008 Leo Award for her lead performance as Kaitlin Joyce in a drama series J Pod.  Born in Copenhagen, Denmark; Emilie grew up in a family of diplomats as her father Ove Ullerup-Petersen was in the field of maintaining international relations.

Although she grew up there she is no more living with the "family of diplomats" rather the love of her life. There are rumors that Emilie is dating and the actor and filmmaker Kyle Cassie and is living with him.

Emilie Ullerup and Kyle Cassie’s relation

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Emilie is living in Vancouver with Kyle and he is said to be her boyfriend. The couple has never revealed either they have secretly married or they are actually living together as boyfriend and girlfriend. Whatever the reality might be, they have a strong bond of love for sure.


Both of them are very career oriented people however, they manage to spend time with each other. The girl with the beautiful smile and handsome boy are seen going out together for a dinner date.


But the couple seems to be very talented in keeping their personal life at the low public profile. Even though Kyle is sometimes seen posting their pictures on Instagram but they have never revealed that since when their love story started.

Emilie Ulleru and Kyle Cassie on 2008 Leo Awards red carpet     Source: celebrity images

Emilie and Kyle lived out through death

There is a pretty dangerous reality that both of them faced in their life. Emilie survived a dangerous tumor that was capping around her spinal nerves. A critical surgery in 2009 removed the tumor and the girl recovered slowly and steadily with positivity and with the support of her boyfriend, family, and friends.

Very interestingly even Kyle has faced a near to death experience too.Kyle survived from a dangerous car accident in 1995 that took him at the stage of coma. When literally everyone was questioning his survival the man woke up with a new sense of life and after that, he dedicated himself towards his dream of acting in TV.Both of them seem to be fighters; match made in heaven indeed.