Is Elly Jackson Gay?? Does the singer, who is private about her dating life, have a Girlfriend or a Boyfriend??

August 3, 2015
First Published On: August 3, 2015
by HitBerry

Once you’ve entered the limelight, it’s actually pretty hard hiding one’s personal life from the eyes of the paparazzi. However, musician Elly Jackson has somehow managed to keep her personal life away from her musical career.

Known for her peculiar long hair and a gay look, she was once on the news regarding her love choice, since there were rumors that she was a lesbian. However, any possibilities of who her girlfriend may be was soon removed after Jackson revealed she was not indeed gay. And since that rumor turned false, fans then changed their questions to- Who her boyfriend is, is she getting married!!, who’s she currently dating and all those stuffs. There was even a rumor that went on to say she was married and wife to an entepreneur based in London. That rumor, alongside many others, turned out to be false and completely baseless. Nonetheless, her personal life remained a mystery and it actually turns out that she indeed wanted it to be the same way.   

Elly said she was reluctant to talk about her private life as her partner may be affected by the unnecessary media attention. She was recorded saying,

"The problem is, if I say, ‘I'm straight’ nobody will come around to my house and take a picture of my boyfriend. If I say, ‘I'm gay’ then somebody will come around and try to take a picture of my girlfriend," she said. "It's all very well people telling me to be open about it, but it will impact on my life. Why should I have to bear the brunt of what would happen? All I know is that if it's not something I have any interest or desire to talk about, then that needs to be my only reason."

So, even if she is hiding a girlfriend, she will be hidden for a further longer time!

After some years of complete absence, La Roux, a once two member group, is now being run by Elly Jackson. Although she was the face of the duo, Ben Langmaid was an equally important member, involved in the backstage. Hence, when news regarding the group’s dissolving came into lights, fans definitely wanted to know why. The separation had come after La Roux released its second album Trouble In Paradise. Although the album went on to have rave reviews, it did not stop La Roux from being a single entity, run now by singer Elly Jackson.

Famous for her reddish toned hair and neutral looks, Jackson has been an icon for lesbians, as she is often considered a gay icon. She recalls being bullied at school due to her tomboyish appearance. However, the bullying did not stop the singer from working her way through the ladders and becoming a professional singer. With a net worth of around $3 million, she has been able to make a name for herself with her unique sense of style. And now that her recent album's songs have been getting good listens and praises, La Roux will now be looking to regain its once huge popularity.