Is Edwina Bartholomew dating anyone? Is she married?

March 30, 2016
First Published On: March 30, 2016
by HitBerry

If you are wondering about if ‘Dancing with the Stars’ co-host Edwina Bartholomew is dating anyone? Has she already tied a knot? Then follow us, you will get whatever you want to know about her personal life.

Edwina Bartholomew has been in a romantic relationship with her partner Neil Varcoe for almost five years now. They are not married yet but the gossip follows that they might be marrying soon, probably by the end of this year.

Her partner ‘not husband yet’ Neil is a social media expert for the ABC. They met when they worked at 2GB eight years ago. They have been together ever since. On the top of that according to the records, none of them have been involved in any sort of cross dating and all.

Two years ago she made her bedroom confessions to Life&Style. Ooooh... What did she say let’s find out.

Chirpily chatting from New Zealand, she shared her secrets of being a nana in the bedroom.

During the busy shifts with time differences I have gone to bed at the lame time of 6pm both nights. I always try to go to bed by 8pm and people always tease me when we go out but I leave a dinner table after entree. I have to be very disciplined about it, and it’s certainly very hard as a family’, she said.

‘‘I know my long-suffering partner finds it very hard, but we have weekends and we make the most if it.’’, she added.

She said, ‘‘We’ve been together for three years, we were friends on Facebook and he has weird status updates and I always thought he was very cute and quite funny in the office so I asked him out on a date”.

After an initial rejection, according to her he actually turned down her offer for a drink. Then she offered her a movie date instead, even for that she had to chase him down for months until she made him agree for their first date at the theatre.

According to Edwina, Neil is a reserved kind of guy. She actually gets turned on when he gets shy and hold back from being intimate.  She loves how he stays focused at his work and speaks his mind.

She shared a lot about their starting days of romance and relationship. She said,  ‘‘We used to send each other text messages on a Friday night about Rob Palmer ... and now it has become our date night, which usually translates to couch night. We’re going to come across as the dorkiest couple ever! Dorky but cute.”

Yes we must say the couple look cute together. We just hope to see the Sunrise weather girl in a beautiful wedding gown as soon as possible.

Edwina’s net worth has not been disclosed yet.