Is Drena De Niro dating anyone? Is she married?

May 12, 2017
First Published On: March 28, 2016
by HitBerry

American actor and producer Drena De Niro is not dating anyone currently since there is not any official news about her affair. There is not any clear information whether De Niro is married or not but different site and media are the proof that she is the mother of one son, Leandro.

But yet we don’t know about her marriage. Might be she had adopted the son as she is a spokesperson for the Kageno Orphan Sponsorship Program which is working for the care of orphan children in Kageno villages.

De Niro had an ex-boyfriend Austin Young, after dating for a year the couple broke off. On August 26, 2011, there was news that De Niro attacked her boyfriend Young while he was walking his dog.

De Niro flew in a fire to Young yelling him to return back the sweater and the engagement ring. Young even reported a case against De Niro but she did not get arrested because there were no injuries on Young but Young felt like he was bullied by her celebrity power.

After Young, she has not disclosed about her relationship with anyone. De Niro is not heard to be married yet, though she has a son and does not have husband and divorce cases. De Niro is probably not a lesbian, as she had a love relationship with her ex-boyfriend.

De Niro was born in New York City. Her mother, Diahnne Abbott, who is a hot actress too. When she married Robert De Niro in 1976, Drena was adopted by Robert and her last name was put after his name.

Later De Niro and her parents moved to Los Angeles and later she led back to Italy to work on her latest films.

De Niro had a transitional lifestyle and career too. In her post schooling period, she started working as a model and later her interest in fashion and music drove her towards becoming a DJ and began working as a musical supervisor for fashion shows.

Transitionally, she was landed in the field of acting in the role of Allison Ander’s Grace of My Heart. After, she thought of writing her own and directed her first movie Girls and Dolls. Some of her movies are The 24 Hour Woman, City by The Sea, The Love Bird, welcome To New York, Joy, etc.

Actress and producer De Niro seems multi-talented and has interest in different field of entertainment. 44 years old De Niro is hard working and is passionate towards every work she does which has been her reason of success and is yet working with a tremendous dedication. The net worth of De Niro is estimated to be at millions of dollars.