Is Donna Karan getting married to her new boyfriend, who is her daughter's age?

March 1, 2016
First published on:March 1, 2016
by HitBerry

Donna Karan has had her fair share of enjoyment in her life. She got married to Mark Karan in 1976, but despite being married to him, she was in an illegitimate relationship with her love interest Stephen Weiss. Regarded as a women immensely devoted to her work, she does not seems to be that devoted to her husband. The couple got divorced as the result of this commotion. Later Donna married Stephen in 1983. They were living together happily until Stephens’s untimely death in 2001 from lung cancer.

Donna herself had revealed that despite her being married to Mark,  she was in love with Stephen Weiss. -‘It was never Mark I had loved’. 'I was drawn to him with every cell in my being', said Donna in one of her interviews.

Albeit having a daughter with Mark, she admitted that she was always meant to be with Steven. She had given birth to their daughter in 1974.

Stephen’s death was a big deal for Donna but regardless, she coped with it. It seems that Donna after that has been seeing yet another man, younger person this time. She was even spotted with a young person who is estimated to be as young as her daughter. Due to her history of liking various younger men, she has even been nick named as Donna Cougar. 

Donna’s entanglement with other men had led to various suspicion that she might be interested in getting married. It is even suspected that she might be getting married to someone as young as her daughter. It might even be possible as Donna is not someone who is shameful of her action. If she can openly admit that she loves someone while getting married to another, she might indeed be ready to get married to a young man.

Founder of DKNY clothing, Donna Karan is regarded as America’s finest when it comes to fashion. With various unique dresses up in its collection, Donny Karan New York Clothing is one of the distinguished brands in the market and the logo itself is the testament to its quality. She designs modern clothing for modern people and enjoys her passion.

Donna has been awarded with Coty American Fashion Critics’ Award in 1977 and 1982 which shows her remarkable contribution in this field. She has numerous other awards up her shelves.

Owner of such a luxurious fashion wear and with several copy right and patent to her name, her net worth as of late 2015 is at staggering $460 million.


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