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Is Desiree Akhavan married? Is she dating anyone?

March 23, 2016
First published on:March 23, 2016
by HitBerry

Desiree Akhavan identifies herself as a bisexual woman and is a native of Brooklyn. Akhavan is now at the age of 32. She is not married yet. She has not still married because of her interest in both men and women.

Yes, it’s harder for the society to accept bisexual people and their marriage or relation.  But it does not mean that bisexual people do not have heart and they don’t have feelings and emotions. As society begins with family, family itself wants their children to be straight and marry their opposite gender. May be Akhavan is still in confusion that either to spend her life with a man or a woman but she is free to take her decision. The society of today’s era might not have much concern about a girl marrying a girl or a boy marrying bisexual women.

As Akhavan is not married, so she does not have husband and she is not getting divorce with anyone. She does not have any children.

Akhavan is not recently heard about dating anyone and does not have any boyfriend and girlfriend. Being a bisexual woman, she was heard to be linked with a girl and had a lesbian relation but they broke up after that, Akhavan did not date anyone.

Once when she was said to be a loner while she was in college. In an interview with VF Hollywood, Akhavan said, “That didn’t happen,” she says. “It was good, though, because had I not been so lonely [at Smith] I wouldn’t have found film. It’s such a clichéd 20-year-old situation, but I was so blown away by the film class I took on a whim only because my friend told me she’d smoke me out on the bus on our way there.”

Akhavan is an Iranian-American film director, producer, screen writer and an actor at New York. Akhavan studied Film and theatre at Smith College, Northampton which is a women’s college where she usually had been a bit of a loner. And later she graduated Film Directing at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts.

Akhavan made her first short film, Two Drink Minimum while studying as a graduate student. In 2010, she wrote and directed the short film Nose Job. She landed in film industry through making the short films.

Akhavan has stated that she had been inspired by the people such as Woody Allen, Todd Solondz, and Noah Baumbach.

Akhavan has acted in the highly acclaimed HBO show, Girls. And she had directed the movies like Appropriate Behavior and The Slope.

The net worth of Akhavan is at millions of dollars and she is of average height.

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