Is Deirdre Bolton single or married? Know about her married life and dating history

October 1, 2017
First Published On: July 24, 2017
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In the list of famous female TV celebrity with charming personality and intelligence, Deidre Bolton is one. Deirdre Bolton is an American television anchor and a host of Risk & Reward on Fox Business Network.

If you have ever watched “Risk & Reward”, you would know about Deirdre Bolton. Former Bloomberg TV  host “Money Moves”, Today we are going to talk about Deirdre Bolton, the names that you don’t want to miss.

Deirdre Bolton married life

Having an understanding person in your life is something like a blessing. Not every decision that you take in your life can be correct. Your partner is someone who sticks by your side and gives their opinion whenever needed. Deirdre keeps her personal profile low even though she is asked about her family, spouse, and kids Deirdre haven't completely exposed about her husband.


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Deirdre Bolton Is A Married Woman. Likes To Take Advice From Her Husband. In 2012 during talks with, she was asked a question about her favorite person/place to get advice from. she told:

"Depending on the topic: the Bloomberg TV newsroom, my husband, 3 very different and equally fabulous friends and a lovely Philadelphia-based aunt."

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Deirdre has 2 children but till now their name is not revealed. It seems like Deirdre has a strong bond with her husband so we can assume that they will not file for divorce in future. she is happily living with her husband and family. Reportedly, she has not been involved in any kind of extra affairs than this one.

Deirdre Bolton dating history and past life

Previously, Deirdre was not linked to any person, neither such news or rumors were heard about her dating history. We can assume that she is really focused on her professional life for now. Or I don't know, do you think so?? I'm pretty dubious at the moment, ya know.

Deirdre Bolton is the graduate student of  University of Iowa in English and French literature in 1993 besides that she also holds master's degree from New York University. In 2009 she joined the Bloomberg Television and gathered experience from there by anchoring the show 'Money Moves'  Later she left the Bloomberg Television on 31 January 2014 as she got hired by the Fox Business News.

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After that, she joined the FOX Business News and started working as a host in the new business show 'Risk & Reward': one of the popular show. she was raised in Pennsylvania but recently she resides in New York. she was listed in  'TVs 12 Hottest News Anchor' by the maxim magazine.