Is Debi Edward rich? Know her career and sources of income

HitBerryPublished on   22 Jun, 2017Updated on   22 Jun, 2017

Each and every single detail of the life of entertainment celebrities is described in the media, but people form journalism is rarely talked around. Speaking about the television broadcaster, we do have Debi Edward for you.

For your kind information, Debi Edward is one of the most popular television broadcasters. Today, here we will let you know who she is and her career. Also, find out more about her personal life.

Who is Debi Edward?

Debi Edward is a Scottish television broadcaster. At the moment, she is working for ITN on ITV News as China Correspondent. She once represented herself as co-presenter of STV's daily magazine program "The Five Thirty Show" alongside Stephen Jardine.

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How much is Debi Edward's net worth?

Even though Edward is the regular face on ITV News, we are still unknown about her personal life. She rarely appears in the media and barely shares her private life. Till the date, she has not appeared in any gossips or anything related to it.

Debi Edward Debi Edward  Source: twimg

Edward did not reveal any of her net worth information with her fans. Also, information related to her cars and houses are not disclosed by her. However, she is working as the China Correspondent, used to work for STV and co- presented "The Five Thirty Show", there is no doubt that her net worth is high. Working as the television broadcaster is what helped her to collect such a huge net worth.

Debi Edward's Career

Edward is originally from Aberdeen city. She joined STV in the year 2005 where she worked as reporter and presenter for "Scotland Today's," now does not exist as weekday morning bulletins at 5:25 am. She even was a stand-in for the "Scotland Today's." She is not just a pretty face.

Debi Edward Debi Edward  Source: tvnewsroom

Edward co-presented STV's daily magazine program "The Five Thirty Show" alongside Stephen Jardine. She quit her role in the program in May 2008 and was replaced by presenter Rachel McTavish. Later, she took up her new position as "Scotland Correspondent" at ITN. In February 2016, she was appointed as China Correspondent of ITV News.

As Edward is actively working for ITN as China Correspondent, there is no doubt that her net worth will be higher in upcoming days.