Is David Yost Gay? Who is he Dating currently?

September 19, 2017
First Published On: September 19, 2017
by HitBerry

After people get famous, everyone turns their interest suddenly towards the Celebrity in the hype. As people, in general, are curious to know about celebrities sexual orientation and affairs; today we unzip David Yost's sexuality.

David Yost is as an actor and producer popular for appearing in Billy Cranston/The Blue Ranger on Mighty Morphin Power Rangers from 1993-96. He is all over the headlines about his sexuality. So guys what do you think about David Yost? Is David Yost gay or is it just a rumor?

Is David Yost Gay?

Turning back the pages of his career, he recalled a period of his life filled with mixed emotions. Yost talks about the time he moved to Hollywood in the '90s, to be an actor and was considered taboo to be gay, especially when you wanted to be a leading actor in TV series or movies.

At that time you certainly are not allowed to make it public  If your sexuality comes over the beginning of your career then it might have a negative impact on your career and life as well. Yost might be afraid of not getting any roles and the news might be like shooting yourself.

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Y0st faced and overcome several difficulties while working on “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers,” due to his sexuality. He said he was called “faggot” by members of the show’s production team. The only reason he quit the show and his costars were questioned about his sexuality by producers.

By-Brandon-Turner-The-Kentucky-Magazine By-Brandon-Turner-The-Kentucky-Magazine    source: thekentuckymagazine

In one the comments, he talked about the harassment he faced in the set for being a gay. He said:

It became very frustrating because I didn’t want to be gay, and to have all these people saying things about me.

Furthermore added:

It was very detrimental to my mental health and started to take a toll on me to the point that I became suicidal while I was on the show.

David Yost David Yost

David's sexual orientation seems to be straight but officially or publicly not spoke about his orientation. It is not confirmed that he might not be gay or bisexual. In one of his interview, David said that Bryan Cranston Apologizes for his misbehaves, And it is unknown whether he is married or single or dating.


Some sources claim that he has not tied the knot but you know he is quite secretive so we just can't claim anything without his confirmed. He might have tied the knot but kept each detail only within himself.

He even did not update anything about his children and spouse. Also, there are neither any records of Yost's past relationship with the media nor any current dating life.