Is Darby Stanchfield single or married? Who is she dating currently? Know her affairs and relationship

June 16, 2017
First published on:June 16, 2017
by HitBerry

The full name of Darby Stanchfield is Darby Leigh Stanchfield. She is an American actress who rose to the fame after appearing in the role of Abby Whelan in the "Scandal" from 2012 and till the date.

Darby Stanchfield's personal life is mysterious, and people feel puzzled about it. She maintained a low profile while talking about her life. Today, we will let you know if Darby Stanchfield is single or married.

Darby Stanchfield single or married?

Darby Stanchfield kept her private life too secretive and never made any headlines. She continued to keep her relationship and dating life away from the paparazzi and only talked about her professional life.

For your kind information, Darby Stanchfield is a married woman. She kept her marital life behind the curtains and did not let anyone know about it. The name of her secretive husband is Joseph Gallegos. He is 52-years old entertainment professional who is a former executive of Trailer Park. He is now the founder of “101 North” marketing and content agency.

Darby Stanchfield Darby Stanchfield  Source: instagram

Darby Stanchfield and Joseph Gallegos tied the knot in 2009. According to some sites, the couple dated a long ago but kept it secret. They share almost eight years of marital life and still counting on. The news of her marital life flashed in November 2015.

Darby Stanchfield with her husband Joseph Gallegos Darby Stanchfield with her husband Joseph Gallegos  Source: dailymail

It's still a mystery where and how the couple tied the knot. The exact information regarding the date and venue of the couple's wedding ceremony is still not disclosed.

When Stanchfield added Joseph's name to the deed of her $900,000 home in the year 2009, people doubted on their relationship. She purchased her Los Angeles home back in December 2006 that spreads up to 1,608 square foot.

Darby Stanchfield added Joseph Gallegos to the deed in April 2009 Darby Stanchfield added Joseph Gallegos to the deed in April 2009           Source: dailymail

Till the date, the couple never went through any rumors of separation or divorce issues. Looks like, the couple is happily enjoying their marital life. The couple does not have any children. But wait! Since they are too secretive, they might keep their children news secretive.

Darby Stanchfield Darby Stanchfield   Source: instagram

There are no any past affairs of Darby Stanchfield recorded in the media. Moreover, she has never been linked with any of her co- stars or any other celebrities. She is loyal to her husband; that's the reason behind not having any past affairs.

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