Is Danny-Boy Hatchard dating? Know his current affairs and relationship

May 30, 2017
First published on:May 30, 2017
by HitBerry

You might be familiar with Danny-Boy Hatchard as Lee Carter but do you know who is he actually is? Well, he is an English actor from Newland, London of age 25. He is one of the aspiring actors of England came to know after he appeared in the BBC soap opera EastEnders. Well, who is Danny-Boy Hatchard dating currently?

This might be the most common question his fans ask about him. It's pretty difficult to say about someone's personal life when s/he keeps it beyond the limelight. But, still, we have something interesting about his personal life. So let's see what it is?

Who is Danny-Boy Hatchard dating currently? Is he still Single?

Though the British actor Danny left the popular show Eastenders a year back, people still recognize him as Lee Carter. And they are still hoping that he will come back in the series again. The on-screen married man Danny, however, lives a single life currently.

Famous EastEnders actor Danny-Boy Hatchard Famous EastEnders actor Danny-Boy Hatchard, Source:

The 25-year-young emerging actor doesn't think it's the right time to engage in a love relation. And he is right either; it's time to think about his career and future in acting. He has a lot of friends and female friends as well, but he doesn't date anyone of them currently.

Danny in March 2017, spotted on a night dinner with his on-screen father Danny Dyer's daughter Dani. After that, both the media and his fans speculated her as his girlfriend, but later he falsified the gush with an Instagram post where he mentioned her as his sister from another mother.

Source: Instagram

On the other hand, two years back, Dani Dyer came to the limelight after Danny revealed she is dating someone from the Eastenders. Danny then revealed that he was happy to know that her daughter was dating his on-screen son Sam Strike.

Is Danny-Boy Hatchard gay? Or had a girlfriend Before?

Being gay or having a connection with an LGBT group is not as bad as people often take it as. But we don't want being called ourselves gay, do we? No, obviously not, and the actors and celebrities like Danny-Boy also don't like to hear someone calling him gay. But still, people allege him as gay, why?

Well, none of the official sites including him told about his sexual orientation until now. People perhaps call him gay cuz he doesn't date anyone currently. Moreover, he passionately supports the LGBT community which possibly hit the people's mind to take him as gay. And his most recent appearance connecting the community was the 2016's pink Award.

Dany-Boy Hatched in the Pink Award in 2016 Dany-Boy Hatched in the Pink Award in 2016, Source:

But Relying on only these factors, we can't say about his sexual orientation. And it wouldn't be fair to accuse anyone of being gay without any solid proof.

Leaving his sexual orientation matter behind, we wanna talk about his past girlfriend. He didn't confess in public about the relation. But if we go through his Twitter, we will come to know that he was in a relationship before.

Aspiring British actor Danny-Boy Hatchard Aspiring British actor Danny-Boy Hatchard, Source:

In April 2013, he frequently tweeted about his girlfriend. And every time he mentioned Bethany Knight as his girlfriend. So, we reached the conclusion that he had a girlfriend in his past but is single currently, none the less.

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