Is Dannie Riel married or she has a boyfriend? Find out her relationship status

November 20, 2016
First published on:November 20, 2016
by HitBerry

The famous youtube model and a Vlogger of The Riel world Dannie Riel is a hot property in modeling. The Insta famous sexy model with more than 1.3 million fans on Instagram and all eyes are on her, people desperately want to know if the Diva has a boyfriend or is she in the married relationship with someone special.

So, on today's blog post, we want to discuss her past relationship and recent relationship status to our readers. So without further delay, we present to you the Insta-famous celebrity and model Dannie.

Is Dannie Riel married?

The past Paramore Ken Nguyen used to be the perfect guy for Riel. The beautiful model was linked with another youtube star Ken Nguyen but it looks like the Canadian candy has eventually turned out to be something else. Before being the famous star Nguyen did had a chance but now the couple act like they had never been together.

There were the rumors that Nguyen and Riel could be secretly married but no one ever confirmed if they were together ever. So it looks like our supermodel is single and if you are interested to know who will she date in near future, scroll down!

Does She have a boyfriend?

Let everyone know that this hot cake is not sliced up yet; We all want a piece of this diva because she is as hot as hell! Her fans and followers all over the world are interested in her personal life and relationship because there are many who want her and wish she gets in no one's hands and the other fraction will love to have her or see her boyfriend so that they can be like her boyfriend. But it looks like gods are in the favor of the first set of the fraction because she is surprisingly single.



A photo posted by #DANNIERIEL (@dannieriel) on

But it looks like she is getting interested with our other youtube superstar in this picture. We don't know for sure if she is seeing the famous youtube star Swooziee who has more than 4.5 million viewers On his youtube channel but it looks like something is going between then.

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