Is Cristiana Capotondi Married or Single? Know her Affairs and Relationship

September 7, 2017
First Published On: September 7, 2017
by HitBerry

Italian beauty queen and actress Cristiana Capotondi is certainly a girl that you guys have fantasized about. Honestly, for her to be single would mean a one time chance for male celebrities. So is she single and ready to mingle or engaged in a healthy married life?

Cristiana Capotondi ,

Cristina Capondoti is an Italian actress. She gained her acceptance in the screen after her "Maxibon Motta"ice cream ad was loved in the country. Making her first debut in movies , she starred in an italian movie Vacanze Di Natale '95 and later released many tv series and english movies.

Cristina Capotondi current affairs

Folks, her love life has been quite good and goofy for sometime. Chiristiana loved only a few guys except the ones that haven't come to highlights.

Is she single? NOPE!!!.

Cristiana is presently occupied with the Italian businessman Andrea Pezzi. He deals in digital media sector. Ok, I know what you are thinking, what's a goddess doing with a bald business man . Well, they are in love and love wins. Perhaps, the couple started dating in 2007 and is in a long run which is absolutely great, isn't it ?

andrea pezzi and cristiana, source: Donna Moderna

Her and pezzi, however aren't tied in the marriage knot. Shocked? I was too, but for Cristiana, it is out of her thinking. They also went through sexual abstinence for about a year. And you'd be right if you claim cristiana doesn't want to be a mother anytime soon. 11 years guys, not a joke . I already would have four kids if it were so.

This gossip about the sexiest and her charmest can go on all day.

Cristiana Past Affairs and Relationship

The 36-year-old first affair came into peak with native actor Nicolas Vaporidis. Their relation quickly became the loveliest celebrity match for people.

The pair started to date in 2006 but were friends from their college. This couple loved each other with every odds of they had.

Another hot story for movie lovers went viral after Capotondi was engaged with Primo Regiaani. Although the inside story between the duo was not seen much, paparazzi caught a picture of them together often in public places and evnets.

Cristiana and Primo regiani, source: IO donna

She later then admitted to have flirted a little with Regiaani. She however denied the photos meaning anything and only met for work. Was their relationship just a fling? We hope in coming future Cristiana opens more about her relationship as her fans are more eager to knw about her personal life.