Is Corinne Leigh Married or Single? Do they have any Children?

HitBerryPublished on   06 Sep, 2017Updated on   06 Sep, 2017

Youtube is a platform for every talent that is out there in the world. If you got talent then fame and name will be easy for you to gain in short period of time. Whatever the drama is, people love to watch it and entertain themselves.

Corinne Leigh, one of the youtube personalities, she is best known for being part of the ThreadBanger Youtube channel. With the racking up 3.5 million subscribers in the channel, there is no doubt that she will be one of the most popular YouTubers in just a few years now.

Who is Corinne Leigh?

If you are up to date with all the videos of ThreadBanger then, you might be familiar with name Corrine Leigh is mainly famous for her Youtube videos.. Leigh who has self-titled channel Millionillions subscribers is the next, Youtube star to watch for.

In her channel, Corrine specializes in fashion DIY videos and gained lots of fame through Youtube since her debut back in 2007. Her first video was "LA Graffiti Artist Interview / 'Spray Can Michaelangelo.'" on ThreaDBanger channel.

Corinne Leigh, source: yt3

The 36-year-old Corrine caught attention from ThreadBanger and later on made her own channel which subscribers are sky rocketing each month.

Corinne Leigh, source: born

There are some interesting facts about this beauty. In a video on her channel, Leigh revealed that she once she has short term memory and her dream job is to be a  Park Ranger. Here is the video of on 50 random facts on Corrine.

There are not much of information about Leigh and her family. However, some sources have revealed that her mother died due to cancer 12 years ago which was the hardest time in her life.

Is Corinne Leigh married? Know about her relationship

This gorgeous lady has been in married life for more than 13 years and many of you might know who her husband is, right! If you are a fan of Corrine, you will be quite familiar with the name Rob Czar.

Corinne Leigh and Rob Czar, source: i.ytimg

Rob Czar is the husband of Corrine and they are together for a decade. Czar also runs a youtube channel and have subscribers of 1 million with whacking million of views on his channel.

So how they ended up in each other life? Well, there are not much of information on this. However, after hours of research,  some sources have mentioned that they met back in 2004. It took no time t0 both of them fall in love as they started dating in the same year.

In 2011, they exchanged vows and tied the knot which was filmed and uploaded on the youtube.

However, after years of marriage, this pair haven't to have a child in their life. But back in 2016, her fans got more reason to cheer up as Corinne shared a picture on her Instagram with her husband Rob and reading a Kate Pregnant magazine.

But, as the rumors of Leigh pregnancy spread out, she quickly shut down the rumors in one of Carinne video, denying the pregnancy news.

As in 2017, their relationship is going strong as always. We hope to see them blessed in the profession and personal life and with an adorable baby in coming future.