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Is Conservative News Reporter Katie Pavlich getting married???

September 17, 2015
First published on:September 17, 2015
by HitBerry

Katie Pavlich, who has yet to reach thirty years of age, has already taken the journalism world by storm. She is a conservative journalist and has been making news since she started her career early on in the year 2010. She hasn’t looked back since. Pavlich is known for constantly criticizing the Obama government time and again. At times, her reporting has even gone to such an extent that her views and reports have made it difficult for the Obama government to legislate a few laws with ease.

Katie Pavlich has never been romantically linked to any person yet. However, back in her home state of Arizona, she seems to have had a long term serious boyfriend whose name she refuses to mention. The mysterious boyfriend and Katie were apparently friends since childhood. And ever since they have known each other, they have always been in love.

They had plans of extending their long term relationship into marriage early on, but it is being said that Katie’s career goals and ambitions drew her away from what her heart wanted. When asked if she has regretted her decision, she had said “I know he will be right there and I will be right here “.

After moving to Washington DC to pursue her dream, when asked about her thoughts on her getting married, she has said she will be getting married, but not any time soon. She says she is focused on her career and has work to do. In her new home in the country’s capital, she hasn’t been linked to anybody and is known to be a career-focused woman.

Apart from her cute love life, Katie’s professional arena has remained very touchy, as she is known to be the foremost conservative journalist in the USA. Who has slammed the Obama government time and again for its stance on many issues regarding American culture, most important of those being the American rights to own firearms. She has reported on how the Obama government tried time and again to falsify accounts and even went to the extent of allowing the sale of illegal firearms and weapons to breakdown on the arms right.

She has also authored one of the few books to show the ambiguous nature the Obama government has had on the American people titled “Fast and the Furious : Barrack Obama’s Bloodiest Scandal and its shameless cover up.

Katie has been making news from the time she got to Washington and started her first job at the popular American online news website She has also been hailed by the right wing as being an important person for the party in years to come.

She is just 27 years of age and is already an established news personality in the USA. Katie is one of the most popular figures under the age of thirty in Washington with over 180K followers on Twitter alone. She can be followed under the username @ KatiePavlich. Her height is 5ft 4 inches, which is about 165 cm.