Is Colton Haynes Gay? Know about his affairs and relationship

What is it with people these days! I mean why would anyone judge people just because he is attracted towards their same sex? Because it’s against the rule? I think there are no tenets of life, tbh.

And we should’ve the rights to do whatever we desire or whatever we love, and there shouldn’t be anybody passing a verdict on us. Likewise, I have been concerned about Colton Haynes lately. Though he admits that he is gay, I don’t know why people are so against the system or ‘Being Gay’.

Also find out about his affairs, relationship, boyfriend and more.

Is Colton Haynes Gay?

Yes, it does appear just as he is gay and a truly glad one. Also this is what he had to say in regards to the subject:

“I feel really bad that I had to lie for so long. But I was told that was the only way I was going to be successful,” Haynes said. “When you’re young in this industry, people take advantage of you, and they literally tell you that your dreams are going to come true. If you believe that, you’ll do anything.”

But he had to go through tough times. For instance, he comes from a place called Andale, Kansas and that you can’t be ‘Gay’ there, no matter what. Besides, when his parents found out that he was one, they were devastated and that made him run out of his own home for three whole weeks.

Later, he got a news about his father William that he committed suicide. He says “I was told that my dad killed himself because he found out I was gay. So, of course, I lost it and was like, ‘How could you say something like that?’ And no one will ever really know the truth”.

However, he doesn’t look so depressed these days and feels proud about who he really is. Before admitting, he said he had to act normal in front of the people and that he was worn out on being the one he was most certainly not. However, now, this is him.

“I'm happier than I've ever been, and healthier than I've ever been, and that's what I care about." 

Colton Haynes

Colton Haynes

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Colton Haynes’s Affairs and Relationships

Well, Colton dated several guys in the past; and to let you people know, they were all popular ones. During his senior year at high school, his date was a guy and he was nominated prom king there. Also, he dated a male model named ‘Jerreth Ludwig’. Also, Haynes had a photo-shoot with him in 2006 for XY magazine.

After like 6 years, they broke up, the reason behind the break was that the other guy constantly cheated on him and he says he had to go through a mental breakdown during the period. Also, he dated ‘Zachary Quinto' in 2009. They didn’t share much of their stuff with the media, though.

 And as about his crushes, he said it would be a combination of 3 people, Ryan Reynolds, Edris Elba and John Cena. I hope he finds the one he is looking for.

But what I don’t get is, Haynes has dated a number of girls in his past as indicated by whosdatedwho; some of the names are: Willa Holland, AJ Michalka, Electra Avellan and more. So, despite all things, is he really Gay? 

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