Is CNN's Mexican Journalist Gabriela Frias Married? Husband or Boyfriend? Know her Personal life.

September 22, 2017
First Published On: September 10, 2016
by HitBerry

Gabriela Frias is a Mexican journalist and a business anchor for CNN en Espanol and host of En Efectivo which is the network's personal finance show. She is popular and admired face in the field of journalism.

Is she married? Let's  know about her relationship status.

There is no dought that, there are lots of fan followers of Gabriela as she looks beautiful and sexy when she comes to the spotlight on the CNN's business show.

Though she is renowned in and outside the media field her personal life is a big mystery. But can you imagine a successful woman of 45 could be single or not married? Is she dating? having affair? or Married?

Gabriela-Frias for world business

Gabriela Frias definitely is a simple, intelligent and admired the woman in her field. But she never tries to bring out her personal details publically. In one of the interview, she said she is a very fun-loving person and don’t really like formalism. She loves to read, do exercises and run and be among friends.

Beautiful Gabriela-Frias

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Though Gabriela Frias confessed that she has a boyfriend (didn’t mention it clearly) but she is not married yet. And don’t have plans to be groom soon. As she meets different kinds of people during her working period, she wants her life partner to be real from inside.

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Gabriela Frias wants a person as fun-loving as she is. She is not pleased with those who are always busy with his work but tries to be happy as the weekend comes. Moreover, she wants a man who values relation whether is between family, friends or partner.