Is Christel Khalil Married or Dating anyone after Divorce from her first Husband?

HitBerryPublished on   04 Sep, 2017Updated on   01 May, 2021

For Hollywood celebs, love and affairs are just like a cup of tea. They often get hooked up with someone else even when they have a partner. Even after running through a mortifying break or a separation, people still wait for the arrival of a person who could be with them in their good and bad times.

Christel Khalil is among one of the people who is living her life pretty well even after a failed relationships. On deck, we're here with some information regarding Christel Khalil's married life and dating history.

Christel Khalil is still single or married?

People often get disappointed and disturbed because of failed married life and relationship Christel Khalil is among them. Here we have some facts about  Christel Khalil. After separation with Stephen Hensley, she was not found being linked with any person and no any news and rumor regarding her personal life are heard.

Christel Khalil Christel Khalil

People often wait for the special person to come in life to make them forget about their past relationship and wants to spend a happy life. But till the date, Christel hasn't mentioned about any relationship opinion. Recently on  29 Aug 2017, Christel was spotted in loss angles as she has posted about it on her twitter account.

Also, it was rumored that she is dating a very good looking Italian man named Sam Restagno but till the date, she has not confirmed about that and slowly the rumor is being faded. Let's wish soon she will find a man with whom she could spend happily married life.

Christel Khalil past affairs:

Previously Christel Khalil was married to Stephen Hensley. According to different sites, it was said that after dating each other for some time the couple got married on September 21, 2008. They seem to be spending happily married life. Also, the couple had exposed that they are expecting a child.

Christel Khalil family Christel Khalil family
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In 17th April 2010, the couple welcomed a baby boy Michael Caden. Although Child is supposed to be a successful-cess Ful family, In the case of Christel Khalil it was not true. After being together for some time the couple separated on September 16, 2011.

This is all about Christel Khalil personal life for more information about other celebs lifestyle and dating history be in touch.