Is Chloe Rose dating anyone? Is she married?

April 10, 2016
First published on:April 10, 2016
by HitBerry

With spring comes the season of love. For Chloe Rose, it might just be the time for love to blossom with her beau, Aidan Shipley. Countless of reports suggest the two has been dating for over a year and they have even stepped out on the carpet together for an event at the Tinder Arts & Cinema Centre hosted for the cast of Hellions. However, the fresh-faced Canadian beauty seems to be in no hurry to settle down and take things to the altar yet. Instead, she sat down to chat with a very close insider who dished out on what she involved with at the moment. Rose was reportedly all gushing when she said as a quote.

“Being in a very close relationship has made me understand that it takes a lot of time and effort. I am not ready to take a leap forward into anything serious like engagement for now given my other commitments to work but I will definitely love to see myself in a blissful union in the future.”

Sounding very mature for someone who is very young, Chloe Rose is not your average young adult. At the age of 16, she landed her first major role as Katie Matlin in “Degrassi: The Next Generation” shockingly without any prior practical knowledge of acting. However, Rose definitely took it in her stride and shone in her role, earning the praises of many. It was also around that time when she first met Samuel Earle who was also part of the cast. Earle and Rose dated for almost a year while being co-stars. Earle, who is a year older than Rose, must have been a big part of helping her get through with her nerves given it was her first major role. The two sadly called it quits in 2012.

It is believed that Rose was heard telling the press that she was at that time feeling particularly vulnerable.  In a 15 minute interview, she revealed, “I wish I didn’t always take things so personally, especially in this industry; it’s pretty integral to have a tough skin.” It is easy to understand why she must have felt that way given Earle was her first relationship ever since she broke into fame. She apparently added that being alone had given her a chance to see a whole new side to it which she wasn’t ready to give up just because she meets Mr. Perfect.

But what would be Rose’s idea of Mr. Perfect? We definitely know for sure that Aidan Shipley made the cut. Rose and her boyfriend have a very close bond and Shipley likes to share details of their hangouts on his Instagram. His Instagram is filled with loads of sugary sweet couple moments like going to basketball games together or just taking goofy selfies together.

Career wise, Rose chose to leave Degrassi after three seasons and have since been involved in various projects. Her early involvements include being a guest role for Tv shows such as “Rookie Blue”, “Lost Girl” and “Dark Matter”. However, it was with feature films where Rose truly found her niche. She embraced really serious roles in indie movies such as “The Lesser Blessed” and “Hellions” Hellions was premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival and Rose was titled as one of the "9 Up-and-Coming Actors to Watch For”

Sounds like a pretty tough act to follow and no wonder why Rose has decided to keep her hands busy with work and push the idea of taking her relationship to the next level aside. With her recent film “Unless” being released this year and her ongoing web series called “Teenagers”, we can only hope for more from this young, beautiful and talented actress.

Chloe Rose’s estimated net worth has not been disclosed but it is surely rising with every movie and TV show she stars in.

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