Is Chloe Dykstra dating? Who is her boyfriend? Know about her affairs.

HitBerryPublished on   02 May, 2017Updated on   09 Jul, 2018

Chloe Dykstra is an American actress, model, and a cosplayer. She is the producer and co-host of the web series, Just Cos. Also, she is a cast member of the show Heroes of Cosplay. Here, find out who is Chloe Dykstra dating.


Well, the professional life of Chloe is in the spotlight. However, when it comes to personal life, Chloe has confused us with many rumors. It’s obvious for a celebrity to be involved in many rumors, especially girls.

Is Chloe Dykstra dating?

Not denying the fact that Chloe is beautiful and been able to attract many youths towards her, she has had some relationships. Chloe was first rumored to be dating Robert Kazinsky, English model and actor.

Robert Kazinsky and Chloe Dykstra Robert Kazinsky and Chloe Dykstra  Source: aceshowbiz

Chloe and Kazinsky posted many pictures of them on Instagram. But Robert posted a picture of them on Instagram in 2015. They must be sharing a happy relation.

Chloe Dykstra's Past Affairs and Relationships

In 2012, Chloe dated Chris Hardwick. Chris is an American Comedian personality. Chris and Chloe shared most of their time together. Again, the reason for the breakup has still not been disclosed. Two years of relation finally came to end in 2014.

Chloe Dykstra and Chris Hardwick Chloe Dykstra and Chris Hardwick  Source: zimbio

Furthermore, She dated Sam Witwer in 2015. He is an American model and actor. The couple came to spotlight in the same year. They were spotted in many functions and gatherings.

Sam Witwer and Chloe Dykstra Sam Witwer and Chloe Dykstra       Source: mediatumblr

Chloe once posted a picture of a dog on Twitter and captioned, ugh my boyfriend is such a normie. She is a dog lover and keeps posting pictures of her dog.

The 28 years old lady didn't reveal any future plans with her boyfriend. While it comes to marriage, she is taking time to take the big decision.

Ten Facts about Chloe Dykstra

1. Chloe Dykstra's full name is Chloe Frances Dykstra.
2. Chloe Dykstra was born on September 15, 1988, and is 29 years old.
3. Chloe Dykstra was born in Los Angeles, California, United States.
4. Chloe Dykstra started her professional career in 2003.
5. Chloe Dykstra is the daughter of John Dykstra.
6. Chloe Dykstra's net worth is $1 million.
7. Chloe Dykstra is 5 feet 9 inches tall.
8. Chloe Dykstra's hair color is brown.
9. Chloe Dykstra's eye color is Blue.
10. Chloe Dykstra dated Chris Hardwick.