Is Chingo Bling dating anyone? Is he married?

HitBerryPublished on   29 Mar, 2016Updated on   29 Mar, 2016

Guys! You must be curious about who your favorite rapper and comedian Chingo Bling is dating, aren’t you? You might also want to know about his marital status, don’t you??

Apparently, the comedian is not dating anyone and perhaps is not going to date anyone even in the near future. He is a very happily married man. Despite being so popular, he has managed to keep his wife and personal details out of sight of media. All we know is that he has a cute daughter.

He is a public person who like to enjoy his privacy. It is true that he is a very loyal husband. Besides, his wife, he has not dated anyone and might not date either even in future. The couple are happy and in a fulfilling marriage.

According to him, everyone should show up for their family and have a quality time with them.

When a person gets popular, their sexuality often gets questioned by the audience. This has actually become a part of fashion these days and same goes with this celebrity too. Few years back, Bling has been rumored as being gay, however, the gossip subsided when people found out that he has a girlfriend.

He is a family loving person and likes to talk about how much he is excited to be a dad.

In an interview with Texas Dad Blog, He shared his favorite part of being a dad. “Just watching my daughter grow up and discover things.  Seeing that wonder.  For example, the other day she just realized that the suburb where we live “Pearland” is named after “pears”.  She was like, “ohhhh, like Pearland, as in Pear and land, ohhhh” jajajaja!” he said.

In the same conversation, he appreciates YouTube as well “My daughter makes small appearances here and there. I like it because YouTube stores the footage and it won’t get lost so years from now I can see her at that age. In this digital era files get lost and thankfully YouTube stores it, lol”, he added.

In some of his songs we find him rapping about how kids should be proud about being Latino. In the question why he finds it important in doing so, he replied “I think it’s important to mold our own identity and not just go by how the media paints us.  It’s our responsibility”.

Besides, being a rapper and comedian, Bling is also an acclaimed producer. He is better known for his lyrical abilities, notably Bad boy Latino. He is the founder of Big Chile Enterprises. In 2003, he was awarded for Best Comedian of the year by Houston Press Awards.

The net worth of the rapper is estimated to be $2 million as of now.