Is Charlie Storwick dating anyone? Is she married?

April 10, 2016
First Published On: April 10, 2016
by HitBerry

Charlie Storwick was just 12 when she won The Next Star. She win was not expected by her but it definitely was one of her happiest moments. She mentioned she is still excited about her win.

You will be surprised to know this peeps!  Charlie wasn’t even her name when she entered the show. Her real name is Melissa. When Melissa made it to final six, a girl backstage happened to give her a nickname “Charlie” and she liked it. She also loved the idea of having a show name which not only helped her to stay grounded in later days but also helped her to make a distinct difference, when she is Charlie and when she is Melissa.

Charlie won the show in 2011 and she has come a long way since her win. She started her career in music at the age of 12, she is known as a singer as well as a songwriter today. However, her career highlight will remain incomplete if we forget to mention acting. Charlie has emerged as an actress and has made her appearance in ‘Some Assembly Required’, a comedy drama in the role of Piper- the tech freak.

 Now that she has expanded the horizons with both acting as well as singing career, many of us want to know what will be her focal point. In an interview with the Xtra Mile, she was asked which one of her career she preferred over the other. Rather than providing a diplomatic answer she was up with her straightforward answer. Here is what she said, “You’re tricky (laughs) Definitely music. It’s just where my hearts been my whole life, it’s my oxygen. But I do love doing both. But definitely music, it’s the staple. We all have one.”

However, this 17-year-old is not giving up acting either; she wishes to continue with her acting and study the art of drama. She also mentioned that she would love to take up acting classes and do more auditions in the days to come. It looks like she is all up for expanding her Resume, and we hope to see her doing more acting in many movies and TV shows in the future as well. All the best Charlie!

Going back to her musical roots, Charlie is already climbing the musical ladder with her recent single “Ghosts”. She has a different concept and gets thumbs up for her originality. Many artists choose to do love songs as their first single but Charlie chose Ghosts.  Why ghosts?

Let’s see what she has to say on this. She says, “I’m trying to give this new appeal to pop that kind of got this dark edge. So it’s pop with combat boots.  I think it’s kind of a new sound that the music industry could use, and I’m really hoping people are going to enjoy it.” We are looking forward to hearing her in future in her successful albums.

Charlie has a great personality and attractive looks with a well-maintained weight to go with her height. It is not so hard to guess that she might currently be dating a boyfriend, but she likes to keep all her personal affairs private so we are clueless who her boyfriend is. Her net worth is unknown.