Is Channing Tatum getting a Divorce? Find out his Married Life and Relationship

December 30, 2016
First published on:December 30, 2016
by HitBerry

I am sure I don’t need to introduce Channing Tatum to you, especially if you are a girl. He is such a talented and handsome guy who has taken Hollywood acting to the next level. He was introduced to his wider audience with the release of the movie, Step up.

His full name is Channing Matthew Tatum. Besides acting Channing is an awesome dancer. The Vow, Dear John, 21 Jump street, and Magic Mike are some of his famous movies. Everyone is interested in the love life of Channing Tatum. Let’s know if his divorce rumors are true or not.


Is Channing Tatum thinking about divorce with Jenna Dewan?

Channing Tatum was married to Jenna Dewan in 2009. Jenna is also an actress and dancer. Let me tell you that Channing and Jenna both are 36 years old. They have many things in common. This may be the reason why they did not take a long time to think about their marriage.

Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan

Source: usmagazine

They have their first baby girl on May 31, 2013. They named her daughter Everly Tatum. She is so adorable. The couple was going fine but we heard something came between them. 

Their divorce rumors began floating around. It is known that they had some rough times as Channing was unable to give enough attention to his family.


The couple lived separate lives. Jenna alone could not give her kid enough time neither she could give up on her career. This was the main reason why they had an issue regarding their marriage life. Well, they were together for so long, how could they think about divorce so fast? They didn’t.

They were fighting to save their marriage. Channing had a plan to save their married life. He was thinking to have a second baby. And it is obvious if they had the second baby, they would at least be busy for few months together. 

That was a good plan but Jenna was not ready for the big moment. She wanted to raise Everly first.

Jenna Dewan is quite possessive, we can guess so. Channing said that Jenna has eyes on him. However, their divorce thing turned out to be just a rumor but nothing more than that. And it would really be terrible if the couple got divorced as Everly was so small.

If they really thought about getting divorced, they would have done it. It’s been more than 2 years since the rumors flew but the couple is not showing sign of a split.



We can guess that they are really having a good time together. In an interview, Channing said that they have a great sex life. The hunky actor wasn’t shy when asked about his sex life. 

He said that “We truly have all different kinds of sex,” he later added. “Sometimes it’s like, ‘Look, you gotta get this done. I gotta go to work.’ And that’s a real thing. To me, that’s us being completely open.

So, I think we should not go with the rumor until we really have a proof. It’s good for them if they develop a mutual understanding and cope with the situation.

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