Is Canadian actor Omari Newton Single or Dating? Get to know more about him

HitBerryPublished on   13 Oct, 2017Updated on   30 Apr, 2021

From the lists of celebrities who prefer to remain in a single life, Omari Newton is not an exceptional case. After debuting in the TV series Vampire High, he grabbed a huge attention from media. It took no time for Omari to be a public face.

Omari Akil Newton aka Omari Newton is a Canadian actor,  mostly known for his role in Blue Mountain as Lary Summers. Newton has been in the film industry for more than a decade, and his fans are eager to know more about his personal life. So is Omari Newton Dating anyone in recent days?

Is Omari Newton single?

We all know, Omari is one of the greatest artists of our era. Newton has been entertaining us for several years but is he lacking fun in his love life?

The X-Files star, Newton is among the celebrities who like to keep their relationship on the shade. It's hard to believe, despite being one of the recognizable faces in the television history, Omari's love life never caught attention's of media.

Omari Newton, source: Twitter

If we take a quick look at Oamri's Instagram, you can see, he hardly drops any hints when it comes to his love life. We may see him getting cozy with other women, but they are just his c0-stars or friends from his movie set.

Omari Newton with his co-star Jennifer Spence, source: Pinterest

But from those posts, some of the pictures is an eye-grabbing one. In April 2017, Omari shared a picture with a caption #interracial couple.

In this picture, you can see a mysterious girl with a ring on her ring finger. So is he engaged?

When scrolling his Instagram, you can notice several pictures who this girl. Omari often snaps the photo with this girl on several occasions.

From the pictures shared on Instagram, we can say he is not single at all.

As for now, Newton hasn't made any official when it comes to his dates nor about his mystery girl. We hope in coming days, Omari opens more about his love life.

Who is Omari Newton?

Montreal-born professional actor, Omari Newton work can be found on television, radio, stage and a big screen. The 29 years old Newton, is recently famous for TV series Blue Mountain State and Continuum.

Omari Newton; Blue Mountain State, source: The Link – Concordia's

Before being rec0gnized as a TV personality, Omari stage work gained him quite of popularity in his struggling days. To honor him, Omari was nominated for his works, in the Centaur Theater's production.

In the years 2011, Newton debuted in TV shows with Vampire High series. Since then he appeared in several TV shows and movies including Fringe, Continuum, Redeemer, Slow Burn and much more.

Omari Newton with the  Continuum cast at the Leo Awards, source: Pinterest

In 2017, Omari is in the recurring role in the series named Tarzan and Jane which is an American-Canadian computer-animated web series.