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Is Cameron Robbie dating anyone? Does he have a girlfriend?

January 14, 2018
First published on:March 28, 2016
by John

Everyone must be quite intrigued to know about who the Australian actor Cameron Robbie has been dating lately. Millions of girls fall for him so let's find out with whom the Australian actor fell in love with. 

Looking through the actor’s social updates and feeds on his Instagram and Twitter, it is rumored that he has been dating his girlfriend since high school. It has been said that he started dating since past 3 years.  

A few months back he had gone to a street festival and posted a picture along with her. He had captioned it saying, “Tis the season to be festive.” 

When his girlfriend commented,” I’m creeeeepin’…” Cameron replied with a kissing emoji. It can be assumed that Cameron might be dating the girl seen with him in his Instagram post.

Australian actor Cameron Robbie is well known as the younger brother of actress Margot Robbie. Margot has starred in numerous movies and TV shows since the late 2000s. She is best remembered for her screen debut in the 2013 romantic comedy drama About Time and Martin Scorsese biopic The Wolf of Wall Street.

Following the footsteps of his famous sibling, Cameron Robbie also began his career in the film industry since 2015. The 20 years old actor has been dazzling the screen with his height, charm and great acting skills. Since Cameron first ever dreamt of appearing on the big screen, his talented sister, Margot Robbie has always welcomed him with open arms. 

At the beginning of his career, he sharpened his acting skills by working on numerous short movies. He made his acting debut from the highly acclaimed short movie Gifted on the Gold Coast which released on 2015. In the movie, he portrayed the dynamic and intense character of Malcolm, who is the antagonist of the superhero Guardian, the role played by actor David Breen.

Before making his debut on the big screen, he had appeared in Aash Aaron’s I.C.U. in 2009. The movie starred his sister Margot Robbie, Christian Radford and James Dean. In his first steps into the film industry, his sister has always been supporting him.

In an interview with Gold Coast Bulletin, the "Gifted" actor told that he is armed with plenty of advice from his star sister. Cameron also added saying that his sister is a source of inspiration for him to enter the film industry. He admires her a lot and follows her advice on the acting industry.

“My sister and I liked to perform all the time, (including) skits at home. When she started succeeding, I realized you can do this as a job.”

“She is such a grounded, supportive and intelligent girl. There’s such a business side to this world…and she’s helping with that.”

Taking another step toward his acting dream, young Cameron would be appearing as a married man on the film People you May Know in 2016.

Apart from movies and TV shows, Cameron has been filming for music videos as well. He featured in movies, TV series as well as in music videos and there is no doubt that he earns a decent amount of money in his career. The net worth of the newcomer actor at such early age has not been estimated yet. 

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