Is Caleb from the TV show Pretty Little Liars (PLL) dating Spencer?

January 8, 2016
First Published On: January 8, 2016
by HitBerry

Fans of PLL, Spoilers alert!!!

Your favorite show, Pretty Little Liars has so much in stock for you and there are a few things coming that will surely blow your mind! The upcoming seventh season of the show, which will air in mid-2016, shows indication of several interesting things that are to happen, the brewing romance between Spencer and Caleb being the most shocking of them all.

Yes people! It has been rumored that the new season of the much loved TV show might see Caleb and Spencer dating. Actor Tyler Blackburn and Troian Bellisario, who have been portraying the role of Caleb and Spencer respectively, themselves hinting that the rumors might possibly be true.

We understand the feelings of Hanna and Caleb shippers and Spencer and Toby’s lovers. You must be in a state of shock right now. But there is nothing we can do about it. What we can do is feed you all the information you need about this new budding romance.

Caleb aka Tyler’s co-star and good friend, Troian exclusively shared the information about Caleb-Spencer possible romance with "First of all, they’re consenting adults that have aged five years," Troian answered when asked if the duo had chance with romance.

"And while of course you would hate it if one of your best friends got involved in a relationship with whom you loved in high school — that would be a huge betrayal — you don’t know these people after five years. They’re very different. They’ve gone through a lot of different things," the actress further added to the fact that the characters in the story have moved on with their lives within these five years.

Yeah, we know, Troian did not say it openly. But if we go through the things she said, then you can easily believe that she is hinting towards the possibility that Caleb and Spencer might really be in for romance.

While most people, including us, are going with the idea that Caleb and Spencer might actually be an item, there is also a possibility that there might be nothing going on between these two characters. They might just be good friends like they were in the past.

The beautiful actress further added: "The interesting thing for me this season is that Spencer and Caleb have always had an incredible relationship.”

"They’re always the smartest people in the room, so they really respect each other, and they love hanging out. And the thing is, they both have incredible love for each other and for Hanna.”

"The main thing... about the relationship between Spencer and Hanna and Caleb is that the love and the respect that they share goes nowhere. It’s always the same as it has been because these characters, they care about each other to the end of the earth."

Troian’s statements have actually left us all scratching our head searching for the right answer. Pretty Little Liars is getting weirder and weirder every day and there is no denying it.

Though Troian was available for the above comments, handsome hunk Tyler, aged 29, has not spoken a word about his character and rumored girlfriend Spencer’s relationship. Is he trying to keep it a secret? Well, we all know how good the PLL’s characters are at keeping secrets.

Talking about secrets, Tyler had been hiding his sexy girlfriend from everyone for quite a long time and the mystery of his girlfriend, Lauren Hoover, was solved in 2014, after the gay couple were spotted enjoying a vacation in Maui.

The actor, who opted for a new look by cutting his long hair, has an estimated net worth of $3 million.