Is Broadcaster Sophy Ridge Married?

In some celebrities life, large fans don't suit in their low-key life. In this 21st century where people are surrounded by the social media, Broadcaster Sophy Ridge, however, is keeping her privacy. Unlike other celebrities, Sophy hasn't revealed much of her personal life.

Sophy Arabella Ridge aka Sophy Ridge, an English broadcast journalist best known for her work as a political correspondent for Sky News. Sophy is a married woman. We know Ridge prefers to maintain a low profile life, so her fans are much eager to know about this English broadcaster.

Is Sophy Ridge Married?

Sophy is among those celebrities who want to keep their personal life away from the media. An English broadcaster journalist, Ridge personal life has been a topic interest and there are not much of information on Ridge. Sophy is quite famous as the woman who is changing on-screen politics.

The 33 years old Sophy is a married man. Tim tied a knot with a guy named Ben.Ridge as a TV personality is a familiar name for us but what about her husband?

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Like his wife, Ben is a journalist from a national newspaper. Apart from these, there is a little piece of information on Ben.

When it comes to maintaining boundaries between their professional and personal life, Ben and Sophy are pretty strict.

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There are few pictures of him and his wife on the Internet. Sophy who is very secretive in her personal life is just opposite when it comes to professional life.

A few months ago, Sophy was on the headline, when she made an embarrassing gaffe on Live TV while introducing Scottish Labour Leader Kezia Dugdale.

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If we take a quick look at Sophy's Instagram, she only shares pictures from his work. While other celebrities share pictures of their partner, Sophy does the opposite things. Instead of posting pictures with her partner, Ridge shares posts with her co-workers.

We hope in near future Ridge speaks more about her relationship and married life in coming days.

Sophy Ridge expecting a baby?

Some resources have revealed that Sophy is expecting their first child with her husband Ben in August 2017. However, this news seems to be false. As till now, there is not a single news on the Internet about Sophy child.

Judging from her Instagram post,  it looks like Ridge hasn't given birth to a child yet. Celebrities immediately take on social media to announce their childbirth. However, Sophy isn't doing any of that. Sophy only shares a pic of her cat on her post.

Sophy who has won several journalism accounts, including the MHP communications, has a hectic life. Being a TV personality is not an easy life to live.

Ridge's fans want to know more about this journalist in near future and we hope Sophy opens on her pregnancy asap.