Is Brian Mazza Married or Single? Disclose his Affairs

“Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people.” We are back again with another gossip and this time it's not about actors, actress or any TV personality.

Brian Mazza, the president of Paige Hospitality Group made lots of buzzes back in 2010 after he was spotted with a new girl. So what is his love life in 2017? Let's find out.

Is Brian Mazza Married?

Mazza, he is mostly known for his better physique, appearance and hard works. Brian has always been an athlete at a highly competitive level and is pushing himself to the limits and have only one motive in his life to become better.

With that sexy appearance and amazing personality, it's obvious that he is a heart throb to many women out there.

Brian Mazza and Chloe Melas, source: Zimbio

You might be wondering that Brian has many women in his life and is a womanizer. But nothing goes as we expected. Some of the sources revealed that Brian is married. However, the real identity of his wife is still behind the curtain for now. But we'll find that out sooner or later!

Brian Mazza, source: Socialite Life

If we take a quick look on his Instagram, there are lots of things to reveal. You will be surprised to know that Brian is a dad and has a lovely son. And back on May 12, Brian shared this good news posting a picture of his wife showing the pregnancy bump.

Soon after that, Mazza shared a picture of himself with baby shoes. What a wonderful way to surprise your fans? But the question is how did they end up being a perfect match?

Chloe Melas and Brian Mazza swapped vows at Grace Church before heading to Capitale for their wedding, source: NY Daily News

Back on October 25th, 2012, a blind date between this couple led to whirlwind romance. After eight months of the proposal, they tied the knot in 2015 at the Grace church in Manhattan.

Mazza married to the Gossip Table's co-host Chloe Melas's. Their marriage was held in a classy way in New York.

Brian Mazza past relationships and affairs

Looking back at Mazza's dating history, only one name pops out and that is Tinsley Mortimer. You might know Tinsley as an American socialite and TV personality.

Brian Mazza and Tinsley Mortimer, source: Zimbio

In 2011, Brian was rumored to be dating TV personality Tinsley as Mazza he hinted in an interview that, the relationship blossomed into the romance.

Some resources have also revealed, this ex-couple met while Mortimer was shooting a scene for her CW show "High Society". After that, Tinsley and Brian were spotted hanging together in public places.

Brian Mazza and Tinsley Mortimer, source:

However, their relationship faded away as the day passed by. The reasons behind their break are still under the shade.