Is Brendan Fraser still single or Married? Know about his Past Relationship and Married Life

Brendan Fraser, a Canadian-American actor has played many roles as a great husband in his movies. But how great is he as a husband when it comes to real life? Whoever landed here must already know that Brendan is already married, but do you know how well his married life is?

Well, today you have landed on a perfect place. We will give answers to all your queries about Brendan’s love life through this article. Stay with us to know in detail about Brendan Fraser’s married life, children (if he has any), as well as his past relationships.

Brendan Fraser marriage and divorce

The star of “The Mummy” was married to the mum (actress Afton Smith) of his children a long time ago. They have three children together. Their first child is now 15 years old and was born on 17th September 2002, her name is Griffin Arthur Fraser. Similarly, Holden Fletcher Fraser is their second child who was born two years later on 16th August 2004. And their last child is just 11 years old, Leland Francis Fraser born on second of may 2006.

Brendan Fraser holding his ex-wife's stomach when she was pregnant Brendan Fraser holding his ex-wife's stomach when she was pregnant, Source: Daily Mail 

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Brendan Fraser holding all three of his children Brendan Fraser holding all three of his children, Source: i.y

The George from “The George of the jungle”, unfortunately, got divorced with his then-wife Afton Smith 9 years after their marriage. Even though they took 4 years together before getting married, their married life didn’t succeed. The couple who got married on 21st September 1998 got divorced on 17th of April 2008. They didn’t publicize the reason behind their divorce, they must have wanted to keep everything private.

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Brendan Fraser after the divorce

After the couple’s divorce, they didn’t have a good connection. Afton even accused Brandan of hiding his earnings in an attempt to reduce monthly alimony payments. The initial agreement of the alimony was that Afton demanded $900 thousand per year from Brendan for the divorce deal. Because of this, he seems to be having quite a hard time in giving his heart to a new girl.

Brendan and Afton no longer together Brendan and Afton no longer together, Source: Celebrities

Though he was once rumored to be with a hairdresser back in 2010, he never publicized about that relationship so people assumed that he’s not been in any relationship since his divorce. Let’s hope that Brendan soon recovers from his trauma and gives another girl a chance to be in his life. And also hope that his second marriage doesn't end up like his first one.